The Oh Boy Dress

Oh boy. Ohhhhhh boy. I do not usually make dresses like this. I did not intend for THIS dress to be so much, um, like this. But a combination of rash pattern alteration and a tight-fitting jersey seems to have left me with something that is rather out of character.

I am, I will say, a fairly modest dresser. I don’t know why, really, I have no moral or religious stipulations on my dressing, I don’t feel negative about showing parts of my body, I just, I don’t know, seem to have adopted that way of being. But recently I felt the need for something a little, I don’t know, more close fitting? More curve hugging? More contemporary? More something. Less FABRIC, but more something. And thus thisΒ pattern hack was born:

OBD 2I’m showing a touch of bra in this photo, so just be cool, okay? This is a Renfrew, sized down and lengthened. And I will say, I do like this dress, but boy oh boy did it turn out to be close-fitting…

OBD 6Like, I have to be careful what UNDERWEAR I wear close-fitting. And I also, you know, lowered the neckline. As you can see.

OBD 3Not too much, though.

OBD 4I’m not the kind of woman who thinks that tight automatically means sexy. But I will say, damn, it kind of helps! This dress puts a lot of sway in my step, and no, my hips don’t lie. In this thing, they couldn’t possibly.

I really like the back seam, both for fabric efficiency purposes, and because I kind of like how it looks. Is that super weird?

OBD 5I love that you can see a cat that seems to emerge from my posterior in this photo.

My only issue with homemade close-fitting knits is that it does that kind of weird flip thing at the hem. What is that? Does anyone know what that is?

OBD 7My mom took these photos for me because I have a grand total of FIVE items I still need to document and I haven’t been able to and I’m home this weekend for Passover and I though, well, if I’m home I might as well be documenting clothing…like you do. She likes this dress, my mom, but she thinks it needs more color. Therefore the cat.

I actually finished this two weeks ago and wore it to an event. My lovely roommate Jenny took some photos of me, but I kind of look like I want to commit murder in them:

OBD 1RIGHT? There is a real killing people turn there. Still, at least you can see it in action!

Okay, that’s one down, I’ve still got four to go…stay tuned!


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41 responses to “The Oh Boy Dress

  1. This looks smashing with the boots! This is a fab make!

  2. I love it! If course, ah, I am working hard on my tighter-is-always-better complex. It’s a long process. Seriously hawt dress, though. I approve. πŸ™‚

  3. I think it looks marvellous. well done πŸ™‚

  4. Leah this dress and you in it is the hotness. Wish I had some of your curves!!

  5. What a fabulous hack, you look great

  6. punkmik

    va va voom dress! who would know this was made from a renfrew!? amazing! you look smashing!

  7. Love those kind of dresses. Great job. Looks fab with the boots and bwahahahahahaha… I love the pic of you pooing a cat!!!!! πŸ™‚

  8. I love this version of Renfrew! I was thinking of lengthening for a mustard fabric I have. Your version rocks and is tres sexy! Did you use a ponte or stable knit?

  9. Eirian

    I’ve done this with the Renfrew and just put a bottom band on – looks awesome, avoids the flip (although I think hemming with slightly stretched elastic can also work, it looked awful when I tried it!). Also fun in sweater knit, with a cowl neck, so snuggly!

  10. Damn, girl! Hot! I really love it with the boots!

  11. You look incredible in this dress! I love it!
    If you use a 1 inch strip of fusible tricot or knit interfacing around the bottom before turning up the hem, it will help with that weird flip thing:)

  12. oh la la. I love the way you styled it with the boots (and with the cats!). It looks great on you!

  13. Meee yow! I likey! I think this would be great as a birthday dress (or similar epic occasion) in a bright print or some sequins and embellishments

  14. Wow! You sexy thing you!

    As for the bottom, you could try tapering in the seams to “peg” it a bit and add some strips of knit interfacing to the hem to keep it from stretching out?? Don’t know if that would work, but it seems like it should.

  15. You totally pull off this form-fitting look!

  16. I can’t even tell it is a Renfrew! Such an amazing modification.

    Also, I love the Scratch Lounge behind you. Not as cute an accessory as the boots, but still.

  17. I love your mod! I think it looks great!

    As another curvy girl, the flip thing comes from our bums πŸ™‚ It’s got to do with how much the fabric stretches over our bum and then how much less it stretches when it gets to our legs… When you stretch knits they become shorter, right? So where the fabric has to stretch a little more across our backsides, the fabric underneath it is pulling up because of where the stretched fabric is sitting. You can gt around it by either adding more fabric to the bottom down the centre back seam (in a wedge shape, from your bum down to the hem) or if you want to keep it tight the whole way, just add a little more fabric in around your backside on your next pattern make. Both of these things have worked for me in the past πŸ™‚

  18. I think you are rocking it, girl! The only thing better than having a lot of knit dresses that are comfy is having a lot of knit dresses that are comfy plus a few knit dresses that are sexy, just in case the occasion calls for it!! Nice work.

  19. Ooh la la! Look at you, hot stuff! You’re totally pulling this off, even if it isn’t your usual style!

  20. That sexy is sexy as SHIT and you look fabulous! Work it work it work it, girl! πŸ˜‰

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