The Indiophile Tunic

My sewing backlog is out of control. I keep making stuff and not documenting it. What is my deal? I have a tripod. I have no excuse. I just always end up throwing things in the laundry and as I step into the shower remembering that I was supposed to take photos of that and now it’s dark and my hair is wet and everything is the worst. So I go talk to some food about that, and, and this is the important part, NOT TAKING PHOTOS OF MY GARMENT. And the cycle, she continues. How do you guys do this? Do you find it to be as much of a struggle as I do? Am I alone in being decent at the making but bad at the taking (of photos, which I know you guys get, I just love to end on a rhyme…).

However, today was stunning, and I wore something new, so I basically forced my friend Sam into snapping some photos of me in Washington Square Park, which is just a stone’s throw from where I go to school. It’s usually filled to the brim with hip NYU students and ornery homeless people, and today was no exception. Sam and I felt just right at home. It looked a bit like this:

IT 9Nice, right? The trees are just starting to bloom, the grass is growing, the homeless people didn’t spit on us, it was a pretty good day, all things considered. And Sam ever so kindly put up with my terrible modeling, because she is a good friend.

So, remember when I told you all that my friend brought me back fabric from India? Well, I made something with some of it…

IT 6The glare from the sun caught this at an angle and so there are odd large green hexahedrons on my legs. And a little one that in this photo looks like a hair ornament. So that’s fun.

The pattern is Butterick 5548, a tunic that I thought went well with this fabric, one of the three (THREE, I’ve said it before but thank you, Rohan!) that I have. This one was a border print, and sort of a lightweight kind of a thing, cotton, I believe? So tunic seemed like a good choice. Check out the weird pattern image:

B5548I guess what I find so weird about it is that both of those models are actually the same person, but I feel like they are pretending it’s two difference people with the change of hair and pants and shoes. And it’s awkward. But the pattern is cute! I used the longer pattern and shortened it by about a foot, and yet it is still quite lengthy.

IT 2But I like it! What else did I change, hmmm, I guess that’s about it. It’s a very simple pattern to stitch up, only a few pieces and really the collar is the most complicated part.

IT 4It’s sort of flipping out in this photo, but I think you get the idea.

IT 1

I loved wearing this today. I finished it last night after Game of Thrones (guys, I’ve gotten into Game of Thrones! That’s why I’m not taking any photos of my garments, I’m too busy with Game of Thrones! Obviously!, and it was perfect for today’s weather. The shot cotton (I don’t know if you can see it in these photos but it’s sort of a lovely shot cotton in two shades of orange) seemed to brighten the day for me. I never wear orange, but I like this!Β 

IT 3


As you can tell, this fabric, amazing and wonderful as it is, wrinkles like a sharpei dog.


See the resemblance?


IT 8A little close up on the gold border print. So pretty, right?

IT 7As a thank you (read, way to torture) my lovely photographer, I took a photo of her so the world can see the person behind the magic. Thanks, Sam, and thanks, Rohan, and thanks, today, because the weather was simply gorgeous!

Stay tuned for my Mad Men dress coming soon, which I swear to you I will document, by all that is holy, I will take photos of that damn dress!



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12 responses to “The Indiophile Tunic

  1. No, you are most certainly not the only person who is bad at the photos bit. I usually wheedle my boyfriend into it but he’s not super keen so I try not to ask too often, and then I get a backlog!

    Love the border on the fabric, so pretty! And very well matched to your pattern too, yay!

  2. ohh dear bob – the amount of clothes I’ve made that need photographing, I blame it on the weather and a broken tripod but really I’m too lazy to make myself presentable enough for photographs

    Love your wrinkly tunic – looks far better than the envelope picture

  3. That color looks great on you! I just started blogging in March, and I don’t know how people manage to take photographs so well. With wrinkles, messy hair, lighting issues, and so on it’s a major accomplishment!

  4. Eh, it happens! πŸ™‚ The border print is gorgeous, though at the beginning I was all “is she confused about which one she’s writing about?” Nope! Sorry to have doubted you for a minute there. 😳 I’ve never seen a border print like that, but it’s so lovely and subtle! πŸ™‚

  5. You look great in orange. Really neat border print. Total love.
    I’m behind on blogging too, but am catching up a bit since the temps are inching up a little. Just occurred to me that I’m currently wearing an un-blogged dress. Eek. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, you’ll definitely catch up, and we’ll be here when you do. Looking forward to your Mad Men creation. Mine’s going to be last-minute but fingers crossed I’ll get it done.
    Hi to Sam! πŸ™‚
    Happy Sewing and Subsequently Blogging About It!

  6. Nice photos, Nice tunic,Nice colour. Nice border print. Nice dog. Adorable dog actually. No, not alone in photophobia. I’d much rather sew it than show it really. Doesn’t help that my photos usually make even stuff I know is great, look rather less than great.

  7. It’s tough to get my stuff together to do photos sometimes. My cat broke my tripod so it can only extent partway now and my boyfriend dislikes photographing me and i feel had to ask. Plus school takes a ton of my time! So don’t feel bad!

    I really like the border!

  8. Spring time top! Loving the orange on you- it’s super bright and happy πŸ˜€ The pattern totally matches the fabric and that gold edge stitching is divine! And I so hear you on the photo sitch- I’ve got me a few backlogged items I should get on to!

  9. The color, cut, and borders are great! That color DOES look great on you (yes I realize – random comment from stranger, lol)…that particular fabric does wrinkle like crazy, but many fabrics from India have that tendency; you have to iron every time you wear them…nontheless, they have a slimming effect as they don’t hug the body too much and they are worn long, so I love kurtas/kurtis πŸ™‚ Anyway, looks great, even wrinkled!

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