Me Made May Days 3 to 7

Just a heads up for you all, these are some pathetic photos. Well, the ones that I forced friends to take are pretty lovely, but the ones I took of myself are some struggle, and I just want you know that, going in. Forwarned is forarmed. Though, honestly, how many of us are checking out sewing blogs armed?

So without further existential questioning, I give you, days 3 through 7!

Day 3, or, in which I impersonate a soccer mom:

MMM3 1This is meh. What, I made it, I wore it, I can say it! The blouse is my Mirror Image Blouse,  and the jeans were my first ever denim clovers, my Never Have I Ever pants. The sweater is from Forever 21, from years ago, and the goofy smile, I’m pretty sure I was born with that.

And Cadfael wore:

MMM3 2Yeah. I DID make that quilt in the background…

Day 4, or, in which I pretend jeans and a knit top is a real outfit

MMM4 1Yeah. It’s not. Same jeans as the day before (what, you’ve totally done that, don’t judge!) and a knit top I made in the fall. Coffee from Lincoln Station, and if you live near Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, you should check it out! Great coffee and it’s a wonderful place to write.

And Cadfael took advantage of my roommate Emily being out of town to do this:

MMM4 2

Day 5, or, the day the photos begin to fail:

MMM5 2The Wildcard pants, with a plain Banana Republic T-shirt (thrifted). I realized on my way to see a play that I needed a photo so I just quickly snapped one of myself, and one of my compatriot:

MMM5 1Day 6, or, in which I begin to get sick:

So, yeah, I got sick. Which is the worst. And while I did got to class on Monday, I was so tired and ill when I got home that I just showered and changed, forgetting to take my daily photo! Oh, curses, all was lost, EXCEPT, I made my pajamas, TOO! What the WHAT?

MMM6 1Made the pants, no post, and the top. The top is a bit of a struggle, which is why I only sleep in it, really.

And Cadfael, in sympathy to my exhaustion:

MMM6 2I know the photo is blurry but the face was just too precious.

Day 7, in which I recover and break my MMM13 vow

I know I said I wouldn’t repeat an outfit, but given that I spent Tuesday in pajamas, well, I kind of had to….I’m sorry! It will never happen again, I promise! Don’t hate me!

MMM7 2This is me when I’m sick. I do not wear my contacts. I do not put on real pants. I do not eat anything but soup. Works for me…

MMM7 1I did, however, watch Arrested Development episodes for the 1000th time. Cadfael is SUCH a Bluth, now that I think about it, no wonder he wanted to get close to the screen….


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10 responses to “Me Made May Days 3 to 7

  1. Love that you’re including a kitty in your me-made-may posts! (My cat thinks he is a really talented and stylish magician, but we know the Alliance would never let him in!)

  2. Aw, your smile is the best! I love the interspersed cat pictures and I think you should wear those glasses more often, they are awesome!

  3. Oh BroCad, how you never fail to charm with your poses! I’m digging the me-made jeans multiple days in a row, too…I totally do that!

  4. Your glasses are so cute! Well, I’m about to recreate all the MM outfits from this week on the floor to actually photograph them, so I think you’re doing pretty well with the photos. This is hard!

  5. Dude, jeans and a knit top is totally an outfit or I am *screwed.* Whatever, I just said I’d wear me-made, not me-made “outfits.” 😉 Hope you’re feeling better!

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