Me Made May Days 12 through 22 or, 10 days is a lot to document…

I kept meaning to do this post earlier and then, well, struggle ensued. LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES. So let me echo my lovely friend Sonya from Ginger Makes and let you all know that this Me Made May has been a little, um, rough. Let’s just say rough and leave it at that. But given that I have never left anything at anything in my adult life, let me tell you that while I haven’t had trouble wearing stuff I made ever, but I have had trouble documenting it (my normal problem) and also, being creative with outfits! I am boring. I am a boring sewer. My shameful secret it out. I’ve been making jeans and knit tops and full skirts. I really gotta branch out, guys….this summer, it’s all about something weird. Let’s get weird! Who is with me? Any takers? (The search results for this blog are about to get awkward, aren’t they?)

Without further ado, the outfits!

Day 12, In which my ponytail grows an extension:


Wow, I very much need to clean this mirror. AND I STILL HAVEN’T. What is my deal, I ask myself over and over again, searching for an answer….this is a grey renfrew and ankle length denim clovers, with a vintage hair scarf. I’m an independent pattern billboard here in the most boring way possible…

Day 13, in which is is cold for May:

MMM13What can I say, this was a cold day. Me Made Clovers and Cation’s dolman sleeve shirt. And sadness.

Day 14, in which the struggle, as always, continues:

MMM14Like, seriously need to clean this. I have glass cleaner. WHAT THE HELL. Me Made Clovers, of which I have THREE pairs in denim now, and a Dixie DIY mixed-knit top. And a sweater from Forever 21, in case you are wondering.

Day 15, in which I can’t even try anymore:

MMM15It was in this photo that I ALSO realized I need to just move my towel when I take these photos. I have a tripod, just so everyone knows. THIS IS THE EXTENT OF MY LAZINESS. Be aware. A Simplicity 3866 top I made for the 40’s challenge with denim clovers. There you go.

Day 16, a blank page.

I didn’t get to take a photo of on day 16. It’s because I went out all night dancing. That is a real fact. Sorry! It’s a cute dress, though, I need to document it, OF COURSE. Stay tuned.

Day 17, in which I travel in style:

MMM17A grey renfrew, and a printed half circle skirt. I went home for the night to see my friend’s amazing dance show, so hence the change in mirrors. This one is much cleaner, because my parents are real people.

Day 18, in which I get involved in a scavenger hunt:

That’s a true story. I got involved in this amazing cross-city cross-boro scavenger hunt. It was amazing. I can’t even deal with it. Here is what I wore:

MMM18A blazer I made, a simple lace top I made the other day (not worth a post, basic as hell) and clovers. And alcohol. I can’t state that enough.

Day 19, in which I recover.


MMM19Oh my god, clearly not even trying. My first clovers, a store bought shirt, a body that just wants crackers and naps.

Day 20, in which life goes on, as it must:

MMM20My new swishy skirt, and a blouse from my Halloween costume. This may or may not look like I’m wearing a uniform but hey, is what it is.

Day 21, in which the weather continues fair, or rather, hot:

MMM21A blue renfrew and my second Simplicity 3866 skirt. Love this. As you can see. Someone recently told me that I smile with too much teeth in photos, but that person can die screaming, my parents didn’t spend a year of Sarah Lawrence College worth of money on my braces for me to NOT smile…

Day 22, in which I enjoy a refashion:

imageA refashioned dress at a fashion exhibit. More on that later, I promise, it was pretty cool!

So there you go, 9 days of outfits and one apology, but honestly, you just should trust me, I made something I wore and a ton of drunk business guys saw me in it, ask any of them (P.S.: gentleman and ladies of Wall Street, why were you at a country bar in Chelsea at 1am on a Thursday? I know why I was there, um, did I mention GRADUATE SCHOOL!? If you aren’t drinking, you probably aren’t doing it right…)


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13 responses to “Me Made May Days 12 through 22 or, 10 days is a lot to document…

  1. Judi

    You are toooooo funny! I luv your posts. You certainly don’t show too much teeth…you have a beautiful smile.

  2. LOL! You are too cute! And about the mirror, I just want to know how the darn things get so dirty?! I mean, it’s not like it’s an eating surface or anything, nor are they exposed to the elements outside, shouldn’t they just stay clean? And yes, I similarly filthy mirror, so I am down with the relatin’. Or something. 😛

  3. This post made me laugh so many times! You’re clearly having a fun month. And hey, better boring sewing than boring living… But you’ll be hard-pressed to convince this crowd that *any* sewing is boring… 😉

  4. senjiva

    Thank you for unashamedly being a real actual person who needs naps and procrastinates just like me. My sewing is boxy and boring. I use up all my *skillz* on my clients’ sewing.

  5. Oh, this post made me laugh, and then made me feel better that I’m struggling with MMM too and I’m SO boring – at least there’s someone else out there who feels like I do! Actually, I suspect about 80% of the people participating in MMM are similarly struggling at this point of the month. Anyway, your outfits look fine and I think that MMM is kind of about examining the clothes we wear every day, the boring “uniform” outfits that enable us to live our lives. We can and should sew and wear boring, workhorse pieces!

  6. If you aren’t drinking, you probably aren’t doing it right…

    AMEN SISTER! From one sewing grad student to another. Love this whole post, but this part hits home. 😀

  7. Dude, I can’t make myself write up a MMM post! I think my bathroom selfie Instagrams are the best I’ll do this year. Ugh! But you’re wearing a great variety of outfits, which is TOTALLY AWESOME– you’ve got clothes for all occasions!

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