Me Made May 23-29, or there and back again

Okay, yes, I quoted The Hobbit in my post title. What you gonna do about it? I do what I want! I gots adventures, my life is full of things! Not, you know, “save the world from a thinly veiled fascism metaphor” things, but, you know, THINGS. Like, um, trips to three separate Sephoras for this one kind of lip balm I really like. Hard stuff, people. Tough times. Buying elastic. Dodging shady salesmen in the garment district. Dodging crazy people on the subway. Dodging the fruit seller near my apartment who always tries to get me to buy things. I spend a lot of time in New York dodging stuff….

I have to say, I’m kind of happy that Me Made May is almost over. Make no mistake, I do like this month, and I’m totally participating next year, I will, but it’s been a bit exhausting to document daily, and I know I’m testing all the relationships in my life by constantly asking my friends to “take photos of me please, just one, okay, fifteen, because I don’t like any of these, so…..”, so I’m a bit ready for this thing to be done. Also, seriously, MAY IS SO LONG. Why is it so long? It’s been forever! Am I right?

Without further ado from my whiny complaining about this totally voluntary thing I vowed to do of my own free will which is truly no hardship and in fact pretty fun, the outfits!

Day 23, In which it is warm:

MMM23This photo is straight up off balance. Sometimes failure is inevitable….This is a skirt I made two years ago and never documented, as it was pre-blog, and a recent Renfrew. That smile is so fake a plastic surgeon could have made it.

Day 24, in which it is cold.

MMM24It was COLD this day! I went to see a play in the evening and got gussied up. Cadfael had tired of the photo sessions, but I got him in this one…

The skirt is my My Kind Of Staple skirt. The shirt is store bought.

Day 25, in which I go to New Haven

MMM25Denim Clovers and my first ever Renfrew from so long ago! Ah, memories.

This is actually the reason for the post title, I went to New Haven with my friend Becca (hi, Becca!) for the first time in 4 years. It was so weird to be back on my college campus, but also really fantastic, and we saw the Yale University Art Gallery, which has recently re-opened after years of renovations. It’s GORGEOUS and we had the best day walking around the museum and then the cold, wet, windy campus, which really reflected much of my college experience, wandering around miserable New Haven. It couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Becca took a photo of me in front of my residential college, Trumbull. Isn’t it pretty? It’s like Disney-world Oxford. Yale knows how to have a good time.

Day 26, in which I fail.

I didn’t take a photo this day. I wore my denim capri clovers and a vintage shirt, I promise! I worked at my new summer job and then stuffed myself with Indian food and wine with my friend Andrew (hi, Andrew!) and Becca (hi again, Becca!) and her boyfriend and their friends in their wonderful apartment in Greenpoint. Sometimes you just have to give up, drink a lot of wine and let the day go. It happens.

Day 27, in which it is a holiday to totally forgot was happening.

imageI really forgot Memorial Day was a thing. Does that ever happen to you? But luckily I have lovely friends who DID remember and we got brunch and then wrote together and then I saw a movie. So that was a pretty lovely holiday that I did not see coming. And, rather appropriately, I wore my Don’t Ask Me Why Dress. Universe, you’ve done it again!

Day 28, in which I work all day and then see Joss Whedon speak at the Soho Apple Store

image-1Joss Whedon is awesome. But we all knew that, right? My face here communicates how much I love Joss Whedon. I even liked Dollhouse. FOR. REALS. His Much Ado About Nothing comes out soon. Who’s in? These are denim capri clovers and my Thrice as Nice Shirt.

Day 29, in which we have a roommate dinner


My roommate Jenny, who I love, is leaving us. But our new roommate, Jordan, I also love! It’s a win-lose love all around situation. So we made dinner and got together and it was all love.

This is a grey Renfrew, my Adventurz skirt, which I made LAST me made May, and an apron I also made! A trifecta of creations.

And there we go. Two more days, two brand new outfits, it’s going to be amazing. Get excited. I know I am…


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2 responses to “Me Made May 23-29, or there and back again

  1. stephanie

    you are a hilarious woman! i wish you were my friend. but aside from that, you are a talented seamstress/tailor/creator, so thank you for blogging and inspiring!

  2. Ellie Swanson

    another awesome post – and I have to remark – you look fabulous darling!!!!!!!!

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