Me Made May 31, The Shirt Into Dress

I fully appreciate that it is far too late for a Me Made May post, but in my defense, my computer broke, and it’s hard to blog when all your photos are saved on your broken computer that the nice Apple people have taken away like a lunatic into Bedlam, all soothing and sad and shaking their heads and gently swaddling it in a soft foam case. And you were so mean to the Apple people, because you were stressed and sad and worried and angry, and they are just doing their jobs, and then you think, I’m going to be nicer to those nice Apple people, they are humans who want to help me when I am in a difficult situation, I am being a brat, I’m going to buy them some wine and really get to know them, they deserve it, but THEN they keep you waiting forever for your computer and it costs the world for something you don’t even understand and you are late for work and they want you to sign things on their iphones and it looks nothing LIKE your signature, and you worry about that, and you think, screw it, just give me my damn computer so I can post about my May outfits and be DONE. And all your charitable improving thoughts just fly out the window. Like they do.

SO. Here we are. FINALLY the last day of this godforsaken month of this documentation nonsense which I am terrible at, which is sad, because I love making stuff! I just hate photographing it. I always compare myself to other people and think, oh, struggle, there it is….

BUT. I appreciate that nice people in my life take these photos for me, and in this case it was Lee (hi, Lee!) who took these for me because he is an excellent human and all around rockstar. And talented. And attractive AND AVAILABLE. Ladies, ask me how!

Okay, so this is technically a refashion, but I did so much work on it that I honestly am going to take the win. My father, who is a very snappy dresser, had bought two of the same shirt, and when I went home for a weekend I snagged them both as he had put them in the discard pile. Given the two large men’s shirts I had to work with, I thought, maybe a dress?


It turned out cute! Given that I kind of just cut and slashed my way through it, that is….

SID 5I don’t know why I felt the need to hold onto that thing behind me, it’s not like I was in danger of falling. I’m the weirdest. I used the bodice from Simplicity 5355 for darts and what not, and just sort of made tucks instead of gathers and tucks in the skirt (made from the second shirt) and fiddled and stitched and added some buttonholes because there was some super-not-cute gaping going down, and there I was. Oh, I also used the sleeves from the same pattern and shortened them. Then I just sheared into the neckline, just really went to town on that thing, because it is nothing if not high-necked, and sometimes you gotta show a little collarbone, AM I RIGHT?

SID 1Some back view for you, and me looking rather contemplative, or like I’ve been hit in the face, I can’t tell. Annnnnd I see some hem wrinkling here, lovely. Cotton, the fabric of our lives and enemy of our hearts.

The end result works, I think! I like it, at least. It’s cute and perfect for daytime, a little blousy but utterly comfortable and hey, I can always belt it, right? The solution to all things.

SID 3I love this photo. Lee and I saw this guy with pigeons on his shoulders and just couldn’t get over it, because we are like that, and then he was like, look, another guy with pigeons on his shoulders! And I made that face. And he took a photo of it. BECAUSE WE MAKE THE BEST LIFE CHOICES.

SID 2It’s really hard to take photos in a public place in New York. As you can see.

SID 6Also, the tree stump thing was awesome. Don’t you think?

And there we (flipping FINALLY) go. Me Made May 2013 put to bed. And the lessons I learned? Hmmm.

1. I hate taking photos of myself every day.

2. I wear a lot of blue.

3. It was in no way a challenge for me to wear stuff I made and never repeat an outfit. Which is great! But probably means I should stop making things for myself and start making them for other people, right? RIGHT? Yeaaaaaah. Let’s see how that one goes.

Franqui out!


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6 responses to “Me Made May 31, The Shirt Into Dress

  1. I feel ya on the photos, I don’t know how the people who do those semi-fancy photoshoots for every garment do it. But, I love the crazy tree background, very cool! And the dress looks very comfy for sweaty summer days. 🙂 Or maybe you don’t have those in NY quite like we do here on the plains?

  2. Oh man, I love this dress! I recently got given a whole bag of mens dress shirts (really nice ones, I have no idea why they gave them to me. Also, a bag of tiny mens dress shoes. WTH? I don’t understand why they gave me the shoes…) and I may totally have to steal your whole thing you have going on here and make myself one of these!! It’s super cool. And also potentially free. Which means it ticks all my garment construction criteria right now…
    I loved following your me made may, keep up the awesome clothes 🙂

  3. Yay for being done with MMM! You had some great outfits, and this dress looks perfect for hot summer days.

  4. Love the dress! Can’t believe it’s from a shirt. Hope your computer is all better.

  5. Judi

    Yes, the tree stump is awesome and your dress is amazing! I know it’s easy to compare ourselves to other people, but you don’t need to be doing that. You are bubbly, everything you make is cute and your blog is ever so fun to read.

  6. lizway

    Love the dress! Love that you didn’t feel the need to make it look like a “shirt dress” I miss you!

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