The Take My Own Advice Skirt

Remember what I was literally JUST SAYING about vacation clothing? Well, yeah, I actually recently made something that caused me a bit of concern in that respect. But luckily I was vacationing with a close and wonderful friend, who I can count on to tell me if something is just not okay for the mainland. Becca has an excellent eyes for such things, and honestly, judging other people and their outfits is one of the things that makes us such good friends (seriously, we should have a t.v. show. I’m not kidding.) And it’s important in life to have friends who you can trust to take you aside and say, sweetie, I adore and care about you, and as your friend, I need to tell you, you look like a 4 dollar hooker from Reno. Becca is one such friend. Thank the Lord.

So I found a tutorial on the Pintrest from Cotton and Curls, an amazing blog, that seemed like a good idea, and I had some fabric from the hoarder stash that I had never known quite what to do with, but I had this idea that it might be cute as a skirt. I was going to just pleat or gather and go, but then I thought, screw that, you’ve been trying to branch out, BRANCH OUT, you pavlovian dog. Only, well, I didn’t have a TON of that fabric, so…..yeah. I had some concerns about this thing, because it’s sort of a high-low style wrap skirt, and while I was just fine with the length of the low, I was a little concerned about the, um, high. BUT. I figured if I could rock it anywhere, I could rock it in Puerto Rico (this is a terrible philosophy and one I’m very against unless I decide to do it, in which case it’s totally fine and awesome). So. Here we are, bring on the judgement:

TMOA 1Real talk? I kind of love this skirt a lot. But I was concerned about the, um, modesty quotient. Also, as I look at these photos, I realize that even though the tutorial didn’t say to interface the waistband, I SHOULD HAVE FLIPPING INTERFACED THE WAISTBAND I KNOW BETTER. Ah, well.

TMOA 2I laugh at myself and my own foolishness.

TMOA 3So it’s just a little short in the front. On the side. Sometimes. And when there is a strong breeze, well, hello world! But also, very much, screw it. Because I love this. I think it’s adorable. I think it’s a little hipster, and I could wear it to a concert in Brooklyn and sip drinks made with locally grown fruit and locally distilled booze and just feel right at home. And besides. Becca approved.

TMOA 7The construction was awfully easy, it’s a great tutorial and I would recommend it. In fact, I would like to try it again, with more than a yard of fabric to play around with, because I love the flowyness of this, and I would love for it to be EVEN FLOWY. Go with the flow, people.

I would interface the waistband, as I said, but otherwise I love this style, love the buttons, love the shape. I machine stitched the hem, because I’m a busy lady and whatever sometimes and also shut up.

TMOA 4Because of the feathers on the fabric, which is some sort of synthetic blend (I think?) with a decent drape, I thought it would be nice to take these photos at Plaza de las Armas, which is famous in San Juan because you can feed pigeons. THOUGH WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO THEY ARE FLYING RATS!?!?

TMOA 6And yet children do. The hell?

TMOA 8Oh, and then this guy, who I have seen many times, I think he lives in the square, tried to get me to feed the pigeons. NO. NO THANK YOU. I said this, in Spanish, very clearly, and yet….struggle. I think my face here says it all.

TMOA 5Still. It’s a cute skirt, I think! And I brought it back to New York with me, so let’s hope it stands up to city living as well as it did to San Juan…

But seriously, do try this tutorial if you are so inclined, I feel like this might just be the perfect summer skirt! Once I lengthen it….




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19 responses to “The Take My Own Advice Skirt

  1. Leah I absolutely freakin love this skirt on you! You should make a million more, well, at least three. Hot stuff, me lady!

  2. senjiva

    I like the print. My solution to skirt-length-issues is to always wear little bike shorts.

  3. I love your version of this skirt! I had liked the skirt when I saw it on Cotton and Curls, but not enough to make it. I think you have me sold now! I would love to make it in chiffon (with lining of course!)

  4. You are the funniest. The. Funniest! And your skirt is great for PR or wherever else you want to wear it. πŸ˜€

  5. I always feel so sorry for pigeons – it’s not their fault! Your skirt is super cute though, I really like it! Maybe you could make some coordinating little shorts or bloomers, just to put your mind at ease on a breezy day πŸ™‚

  6. Really cute! I like this! It’s VERY Brooklyn– haha!

  7. I think it looks fine! Definitely not hookerish at all. But I know if I were wearing it I’d want bike shorts or tap pants underneath just for mental comfort.

    Thanks for reminding me about this tutorial! I need to see if I have anything appropriate for a tulip skirt!

  8. I think this skirt is adorable! Not too short at all, rock it out gurl!

  9. Love it! I have this tutorial pinned…and I’m hoping I’ll get to it soon! I don’t think it’s too short, either πŸ™‚

  10. dixiediy

    this is so cute it ain’t even funny. while i think it’s great as it is I totally get you on wanting it to be a little longer or worrying about a breeze. next time when you use more fabric and interface the waistband and lengthen it a tad it’s gonna be like the best skirt of all skirts of all time. even so it’s a really cool skirt. love the red buttons and the fabric print is great. Imma have to go check out this tutorial right away…

    i grew up near the beach and we had seagulls instead of pigeons. seagulls are like the rats of the beach but I did love feeding them bread off my balcony. πŸ˜‰

  11. Roxy

    You look gorgeous in that skirt! Love the color. Just pin it closed and no peek-a-boo!

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