Sewing for Small People updates and a giveaway!

First things first, here is the badge! I figured it out! I know it’s not as nice as someone who actually has skills in this department but whatever, guys, I’m excited!

It looks like this:



And here is the link:

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put this in a little code box. I have looked at and tried to use so many tutorials to help me do this and all have failed (well, I guess I have failed, the tutorials are just fine, I’m just a technologically illiterate struggle.) So hopefully this is good enough for you guys!

So I have just returned from the Emerald Isle with some giveaway treats for you guys, and some new links and free ideas to play with! First of all, some new free stuff from the great and powerful interwebs:

capsleevedress3 TOMS+side _MG_0481 DSCN2265 charlie1 CRW_8347 mila3+with+IDI know, the adorable never stops. Now, for some goodies! First of all, ripped right off the backs of Irish sheep, we have this lovely treat for one lucky reader!

SFSPG 3Of course I had to pick green, come on, it was Ireland! This is a DK (I think) wool from Donegal Wool Spinning Company, and it’s 214 yards. So it would be perfect for something like this:

58-07-babyschuhchen-miniOr this insanely adorable little set:luring_sett

But that’s not all! No, I also have this for you, two vintage patterns!

SFSPG 1Oh so adorable for a young lady….


SFSPG 2That is some 1970’s style right there, but with modern materials I think it could be pretty damn cute.

So comment to win any and all of these exciting prizes! Just leave a comment for which one you want (and if you want all of them, say that too!) and I will pick a winner after the giveaway closes a month from now, on February 10th!



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11 responses to “Sewing for Small People updates and a giveaway!

  1. I’d love to be in with a chance for the yarn please! A friend of mine in China has just had a baby, so maybe I can help this yarn travel even further! The patterns are pretty cool, but I want the top one for myself, and the 70s one is not my sister’s (and thus my niece’s) style. Boooo!

  2. The yarn is gorgeous! I would love the opportunity to try it out. I actually like that bottom pattern, too, but I have one almost exactly like it! Maybe I should try and dig it out for the sew-a-long.

  3. What lovely prizes! I like them all. I hope you had an enjoyable trip to Ireland. I’m jealous, since we didn’t have time for Ireland when we did our UK trip.

  4. Miriana

    Oh, the yarn please. I’m a real sucker for tweed. I the UK and Ireland, we should be very proud of our way with wool.

  5. oh i love the two vintage patterns they are fab, would love to give them a try, the pink dress is perfect

  6. That Baby Charlie sweater is adorable! Great giveaway! I’d love the wool as I’d love to have a go at knitting. One of my friends knitted that set of hat, mittens & booties for my baby & I can confirm it’s loveliness!

  7. Kat H

    Oh man, those are some cute things to make, right there! Especially those shoes. And that sweatshirt….. *adding things to sewing queue*

    Thanks for the chance to be in to win! I’d like to go in the draw for the yarn please. Much as I love the patterns, I seem to have ended up with small boys to sew for at the moment (or knit for, perhaps…? πŸ˜‰ )

  8. Love the tweed and absolutely love your blog, I just got started blogging and you are one of the “blogs I follow” (there are only 3 listed so far!, i’m working on it!) your dresses always inspire me and one of these days I’m really going to make a vintage bathing suit. Great picks for small people!

  9. I really like this sew-along, but unfortunately January is a very (too) busy month for me 😦 anyway, I also sew for little people now and then, especially baby shower gifts (check my blog πŸ˜‰ )
    If it’s ok, I’d love to have that Mccall’s pattern – my daughter is almost 8 years, wearing size 10 already πŸ™‚
    thank you for this opportunity!

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