The All Over Ireland Scarf

This is just a quick post for you all in between writing one play and another, but I wanted to share a small project I actually was able to complete on my vacation to Ireland! Start to finish, this puppy is handmade in Ireland. I had promised my father, an inveterate clothes-horse, a scarf, for Hanukkah, but had had zero time to actually do the thing. But I had bought the yarn, and had a feeling I might have some time to knit as we drove around the Irish countryside. Some might have taken the time to look out the window, but I’ve actually SEEN sheep before, so….

So here it is, a nice easy project I’ve made many times now in my very favorite yarn, Manos de Uruguay:


The pattern is a free one from Loop Yarns, my favorite Philadelphia yarn store (and this is obviously my favorite father, so it’s all about favorites with this project!) called the Montana Scarf. My father has no particular affinity for Montana but I knew he would like this scarf, and he does!

AOI 1I made it shorter then I normally would have because my mother insisted that it would stretch with time, which, I mean, she’s right, but it still felt kind of weird. I actually finished this on the flight back from Ireland while watching Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. This is a terrible movie. Please don’t watch it. But if you do watch it, please keep in mind that Nathan Fillion is a good man and we can’t blame him for wanting to make some money. Also, I interned this summer at a place where Alexandra Daddario used to intern before she got on White Collar so the point is look for me soon on White Collar, am I right?

SCARF. It was easy to knit. I don’t know what else to say. Scarves are whatever. But this yarn is just the best, I love the way it shifts in colors:

AOI 2So there you go, a simple gift for my father, a man who loves shopping, so giving him something like this almost seems mean. He seemed into it, though, and what else can I do? At least he has a nice reminder of our trip!

AOI 3See? Always looking on the bright side, my father.

There you go, something very quick and easy but loved. Handmade gifts can be that way sometimes, simple but oh so satisfying!


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5 responses to “The All Over Ireland Scarf

  1. Beautiful job! Last time I knitted a scarf – long ago – it was double the width on one end compared to the other. I think I picked up a few stitches! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Judi

    He looks handsome with that scarf on and the colors match his shirt and vest.

  3. Hi, Leah! Love the scarf — I just started knitting a few months ago and it is so much fun! I will be in San Juan in 2 weeks so was just wondering if you could suggest some fun things to do or places to shop for fabric. We will be there for one afternoon while on a cruise. Thanks in advance!

    • Hey! So San Juan isn’t great for fabric but I would have a drink at El Conviento, or lunch at Fattie’s, or wander over to San Juan Gate because there is a beautiful tree-lined street there worth seeing. Other good places to eat are Aquaviva, Cuatras Sombras (ammaaaaaaazing coffee!) and San German, but really just grab something to go at Fatties and a coffee at Cuatras Sombras and walk around the city, it’s tiny and lovely and colorful. Have the best time!

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