The At Least It’s Before Labor Day Dress

I am all about the seasonal appropriateness of things. I really don’t drink red wine in the summer (although that recently was a rule that had to bend because someone gave us a bunch of red wine and in our move we’ve hemorrhaged money and….I like wine. So, red, anyone?) And I will be the first to admit that I’m a little bit weird about old-timey color rules. Black and navy? Nope. Wont do it. Brown and black? Kill me now. Absolutely not. I will hard-core judge the hell out of you, and myself, if such a thing happens. I like things in their places. I like things to be the way I think they are supposed to be. I mean, I use chopsticks when I make myself a stir fry, for goodness sakes. And yes, is this highly neurotic? Absolutely. You are welcome to talk to my therapist all about it. You two kids have fun. But I enjoy my exacting and strange nature, and luckily, I found someone else who likes it too. Obviously I’m talking about my cat. But also, Mr. Struggle has signed up to deal with all of my strange stuff plus the difficulty of living with such a divine being like Cadfael, and recently, we made it official down at City Hall.

And for the first of our three weddings, I was a little concerned about what to wear. How casual is City Hall? How formal? Well, as it turns out, a wonderful and strange combination of the two. Seriously, if you aren’t busy on a Friday, go down to New York’s City Hall with a drink and a snack and enjoy the people watching of the Marriage Bureau. It’s a wonderful place. It’s the happiest government building I’ve ever been to, because people actually want to be there when they come. Couples of all shapes and sizes, races, sexual orientations and levels of formal dress are there to tie the knot with not a lot of ceremony. (See what I did there?) Mr. Struggle and I, along with friends and family, enjoyed an hour or so wait on Friday morning before our lightening-quick ceremony and a day of delicious food, copious drinks and wonderful people. So what is the dress that can go from morning ceremony to afternoon gorging? The one that says “this is my first of three weddings”? The one that works for August in Manhattan? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t be sure. I just had to take a gamble and hope the odds were in my favor. After all, I knew I could wear white, at least. We’re well before Labor Day. Right?

ALIALD6Oh, dear. Okay, so as you can imagine, photos were hard on this day. These are sort of torn out of my regular wedding photos, courtesy of my wonderful friend Becca, who is getting married herself in two weeks!!!! So obviously these are not the best of outfit pictures, but they do represent an amazing day in my life! So just go with it, okay? Oh, yeah, at New York City Hall you can pose in front of a fake backdrop of City Hall. Or….you can walk outside….and do it in real life…..but, hey, who am I to judge other people’s choices.

ALIALD7The pattern is Sewaholic’s Cambie dress, a wonderful and well-drafted pattern. The fabric I got at Mood Fabrics, because I really wanted a nice eyelet, and I knew they would have variety. Boy, did they. The prices left me disquieted, but I figured, it’s worth it. I love this dress very much. It’s got pockets and it’s comfortable and flattering and I love the sleeves. I might dye it, actually, because I don’t know when I’m going to need a white dress in this formality level again. In India I obviously have to wear a traditional outfit and our Philadelphia wedding will be more formal than this. Ah, well. Still, an eyelet dress is always welcome. Any color suggestions?


I did not muslin this. I know. I KNOW. I didn’t make a muslin FOR MY WEDDING DRESS. PLAYING WITH FIRE. But guys, it’s been a little crazy. Mr. Struggle and I have had the worst move in the history of moves which is also known as “any time anyone moves in New York”. I don’t know how people survive here. I don’t know how I have survived here. I don’t know why anyone moves ever. I should have just had Mr. Struggle move into my three bedroom apartment and slowly murdered my other roommates with arsenic, rather than try to move. I love my old roommates deeply, but honestly, I’m pretty sure this sort of thing happens all the time. Because otherwise, I don’t know how people do this. Between the apartment we lost because it wasn’t done after two months of renovations, to the drunk mover who dropped box after box of my sewing stuff, to the dark seventh circle of hell that is Ikea, it’s just been some struggle. And then we got married. Like you do.

ALIBLD3It was still pretty wonderful, though, despite the move and the mess and the chaos.

ALIBLD2There were a lot of photos like this. So, sewing stuff, right. I cut an 10 in the bodice and graded down to an 8 in the waist and skirt. The lower-body stuff of Sewaholic Patterns always great for me, because I have such a Puerto Rican posterior, but the bodice part always needs a little extra room for my, uh, Jewish attributes in the bosom. I love love love this dress, I love the pattern, I can’t wait to make more. The sleeves are darling, the waist piece is awesome, it all comes together beautifully, and the pockets, well, come on. Everything needs pockets, even a wedding dress.

ALIBLD1Speaking of posterior, you may think the person you see on the right side of this photo a Kardashian, but it’s my husband’s cousin Rashi, who seriously looks that good all the time. It’s severely unfair, and the worst thing is, she’s awesome and wonderful as well. What a bitch.

I did the whole something old and borrowed (the pin, a piece that my grandmother brought from Iran and gave to my mother, who lent it to me), something blue (the fabulous shoes, duh, courtesy of and something new (le dress).

After our City Hall ceremony, Mr. Struggle and I celebrated with a fantastic lunch at one of our favorite Brooklyn restaurants, Franny’s. It was magnificent, and if you are in the area, seriously, check it out. And in honor of the occasion, I will give you your first and possibly last glimpse at Mr. Struggle, because he is shy, and besides, this is my damn blog, not his.

ALIALD4Yeah, he went super Indian for the event. That being said, he pretty much goes super Indian for life, so what can you do?

And that’s my first wedding dress. I know all white can be tricky, but at least it’s before Labor Day, right?


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21 responses to “The At Least It’s Before Labor Day Dress

  1. jay

    Beautiful, and you both look so happy.

  2. What a beautiful post. Congrats!!! Love the dress too!

  3. what a great post, and a perfect dress for a NY city hall wedding in August. Lovely! I think eyelet is fantastic and a great choice. you look so happy! Congrats. (new reader of your blog – I look forward to your next adventures)

  4. Congratulations, you!!!!!! And congratulations on being done with your NYC move- they’re seriously hellish and every time I swear over and over that I’ll never. move. again. Looking forward to the next two dresses!!!!!

  5. awwwww, yay! adorable dress, perfect for the occasion. congrats!

  6. Congratulations !!! And I love the dress……..awesome eyelet….leave it white…….always in fashion in the summer!

  7. This post put a ridiculously sappy happy grin on my face. You looked gorgeous and so happy. It’s contagious. Congratulations and hope each day with him gets better and better than the last!

  8. congrats, fabulous lady! what a cute dress and pics and wedding and everything (exept the move story.. that doesn’t sound fun).. and how cool that you’re having elizabeth taylor amount of weddings, that sounds like so much fun (and you get to wear 3 fab dresses!)

  9. Many, many congratulations!

  10. sarogreen

    Congratulations! Maybe you can dye it a pretty blue? It’s such a lovely dress!

  11. Congratulations!! You look gorgeous, can’t wait to see the other dresses.

  12. Wow, great news! Congratulations to both of you, may you both live a wonderful life together and be always as happy as on this day!

  13. You look beautiful! And very happy! Glad the day all went together so well, even without a muslin! Congratulations to you both!

  14. nichole

    You look wonderfully happy! Your cambie looks fantastic, too! I made a colette macaron for my courthouse wedding and was thinking about dying it green. Even if white is a color people wear every day now, I would still think of it as my wedding dress. Congratulations!! Wait….should I be getting two more weddings?! 🙂

  15. Judi

    Congratulations!!! He is a handsome guy…you both look happy! …pretty dress!

  16. Congratulations, you both look so happy 🙂 and the dress is perfect!

  17. bimbleandpimble

    Freaking congratulations!!!! You guys look so happy and glowing, it’s AWESOME! Your frock is superb and those shoes amazing! Here’s to more exciting adventures and mischief for you both!

  18. Rose in SV

    Congratulations! You look lovely–you both look happy! Best wishes to you both!

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  20. Annie

    What a darling dress. I think you could wear it anywhere. It’s so summery and feminine and you could dress it up or down. You are a beautiful bride, and I can see why you fell for Mr. S. He is gorgeous and cute at the same time.

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