#MakingMaisel Pattern Giveaway!

UPDATE! Ignore the date listed below, because this giveaway now closed on April 1st! Comment to win, and remember, even if you aren’t participating in the sew-along, you are welcome to enter!


Remember when I said I was giving stuff away? I 100% am! Make a comment below to in any single one of these patterns, two modern, five vintage, which I am happy to ship anywhere in the world! Please state your pattern of choice! The giveaway closes on March 20th, so get your comment in!


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7 responses to “#MakingMaisel Pattern Giveaway!

  1. Miriana

    B5814 for when I need to get my bombshell on (am currently hanging out witha 4 year old so it seems an unlikely proposition, but it’ll never happen if I don’t have the perfect dress…right?)

  2. I am all for Butterick 3893 and I have never seen a pattern envelope because such things do not exist in Spain. However, my splitted Gemini brain also loves Simplicity 4003. So there, I can’t decide 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much! I am a happy Gemini! I think you can see my email as part of my comment. However, I am going to find you on Instagram an contact you today. I am @heiressy over there.
    The cat, Pelusa, loves wrapping herself in tracing paper. Her name is Pelusa (Lint Ball) and she is happy today as well 🙂

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