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Pattern Porn: March 2011

I just found a new pattern website and it’s literally haunting my dreams. I discovered it through The Cupcake Goddess by sheer chance and then spent an hour of last evening drooling over it, envisioning myself sewing and wearing each of these fantastic items. As I’ve discussed, I’m not a spontaneous person, and I get a lot of joy out¬†of planning my sewing and my buying. So when I come across a website or a pattern I adore, I book mark it. I visit it weekly. I imagine fabrics, notions, glorious days in which everyone compliments me on the garment I am wearing (this…has yet to happen. Sad face.) I’ve done this, with, well, basically everything ever. I’ve visiting and dreamed about blushes and mascaras, sweaters and earrings, ballet flats and boots. I have a theory that if you see something and you are still thinking about it weeks later then that’s how you can tell you really want it. Tracy Jordan (Morgan) may have once told Kenneth “Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags”, but this character also made a movie called “Samurai I Amurai”, so I feel pretty comfortable ignoring that advice.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns and what I want to buy next. Yes, I have 6 different projects on the back burner, a shirt, a pair of capris, two dresses, a skirt and another shirt. Yes, I really should live in the now. Yes, I may or may not be a crazy person. But who has the time for all these speculations when there are PATTERNS to examine?

All of these patterns are from Which is amazing. I can’t really deal with how much I love every single pattern on this website. And then, of course, there is Colette, that cheeky monkey…

And then there is this from Simplicity, which I adore:

But am completely afraid of, because, PANTS? Scary. Saw scary. Hitchcock scary. 1984 scary. (Dystopian Futures are my kryptonite. That, and, you know, kryptonite.)

And of course Butterick would be absolutely have to be adorable and come out with this:

So, you know, I’ve got options. What do you like best?


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