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The Very Beneficial Dress

First off, I’m going to have to apologize to you because the photos for this and for my next series of projects are simply not going to be my best. I forced strangers to snap a few photos of this project at the Nichole Canuso Dance Company benefit, thinking I would be able to take more later. And I suppose I still could, but the simple fact is, dear readers, I’ve broken my foot! Yay!

I’m trying to be positive, but honestly, it’s a bitch. I literally put my foot on the ground and the thing fractured. I could go into more detail but I’ve already done so over at Embrace The Struggle, so you can read about my misadventures with injuries here.

So I have just taken some photos of this dress on a hanger to show you the bones of the dress,  and you can see some of the crazy party photos to see me actually having fun in the dress, foot undamaged, eyes bright with white wine and excitement, but that’s all you get, I’m sorry! And for the next four weeks or so I fear there will be some fairly staid all seated shots of yours truly in her various concoctions. On the bright side, I injured my left foot, not my sewing/driving foot, so I can still pump out frocks and tops and skirts etc, in fact, I’ve set up my swivel chair in such a way that I can just spin from machine to drafting table to ironing board and back again! How clever am I?

Onto the photos! First of all, check out the cool space, Underground Arts at the Wolf Building, all decorated and lit for the creepy-funhouse vibe we were attempting (succeeding?) :

Isn’t it cool?

Nichole Canuso herself is actually in this photo, she looks tiny, which is fair, because she's about my height...

I thought it looked great! In addition to the little dresses (which were auctioned off in a packet with an amazing Couture Cat made by the lovely and amazing Laura of Trash Planet), I also made 13 scrap birds (because it was Friday the 13th, get it? GET IT?) Here are a few of them:

I love making these. Apart from being an efficient use of scraps, it’s like a fun gallery of my past projects. But enough stalling, onto the dress!

This dress is one I made to wear to this benefit, and beyond, obviously, and I made it using New Look 6723. And it looks a little something like this:

Yeah, I look super shiny. Sigh. Flash can be the worst, guys.

Special thanks to the VERY nice people at the Benefit, Jen, Elizabeth and some other guy, who took these photos. My mother thinks this dress makes me look like a milkmaid. But you know, I’m actually okay with that!

Me and my creepy creepy cut out boyfriends.

I do so love the sweetheart neckline. It makes for a bit more décolletage then I usually show, but I’m actually quite comfortable with that. I think that might be because nothing else about this dress is in anyway revealing, it’s really quite cute, which I feel like compliments but doesn’t overwhelm. And besides, everyone once in a while you just have to let the neckline drop, if only for special occasions. Besides, I got SEVERAL compliments on my, um, mamilla, so I feel pretty good about the bodice cut.

No kiss?

And here is me bartending, which gives you a side view of the frock and let’s you see the way the fabric when cut into the skirt has a kind of chevron effect, which I do so enjoy:

And here is my tough bartender face, all, what, no tip? Or maybe I’m just mad because my bra strap is showing.

This dress is actually a snap to put together, even for a non-master like myself. The hardest part is the neckline, which I had to rip and re-do, everyone’s favorite sewing task. I hand picked the zipper, and the hook and eye I used was actually from the massive heap of sewing notions and thread etc. left by my grandmother. It currently occupies a great deal of space in the Target Brand plastic four tiered organizer I used in college for papers and use now for my stitching life. The hook and eye might be a trifle big for this dress, but I wanted to incorporate something from my stash of Isolda’s goodies, so it’s worth it for me.

Hand picking a zipper isn’t lovely on the inside, but it more then compensates with how nice it looks on the outside.

And one last photo to describe how much fun I had A. In this dress and B. at the benefit:

Thank you so much, everyone who came, or contributed, or even had happy thoughts about the event!


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Admitting it is the first step

I have a problem. There, I said it. And I have to admit, it feels good to finally write that down. It feels, well, right. What a relief. And what is my problem, you might ask? It’s a bad one, guys, it’s a terrible one. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I can’t. Stop. Buying. Fabric. Like, really, can’t seem to stop myself. Every time I tell myself it’s the last time, but then I see a sale chiffon, or a discounted denim, God help me, a clearance section cotton, and I just get sucked in all over again. To watch them cut that nice clean line, to hold yards and yards of cloth in my hands, what a rush! What a feeling! It’s addictive. Truly addictive.

I tell myself I can quit anytime. I promise myself that it’s over. But then I walk down fabric row, or peruse the project gallery at BurdaStyle, or log onto Etsy, and I’m pulling back in. Off the wagon, chasing that fabric dragon all over again. And please don’t get me started on trim. It’s a gateway supply.

So having made some significant purchases today, including the wool and lining for my Vogue Patterns dress!, I have decided, this is it. I have to put a moratorium on fabric buying, at least for a little while. I jump off the wagon come April, though. A girl can only be so strong for so long…

With this in mind, I would like to present to you some of the swaths of cloth currently littering my fabric stash, in the hopes that some of you will have advice as to what to do with these beautiful pieces that I drooled over, bought, and promptly realized I have no idea what to do with them. All suggestions would be useful. Seriously. Help an addict out, here.

2 yards of knit cotton from PA Fabric Outlet (2 dollars a yard!)

3 yards of silk from PA Fabric outlet, also 2 dollars a yard!

3 yards of cotton from the sadly defunct Aunt Bea's Fabric

3 yards of rather bizarre but kind of amazing silk from Jomar

3 yards of what I like to call Mayan Baroque, sort of what Bach would wear if he took a trip to Peru, from Jomar

2 yards of amazing cotton from Aunt Bea's Fabric

2 and 1/2 yards of adorable Beatrix Potter illustrated toile style cotton. I have no idea what to do with this. Anything I think of seems unbearably cutesy. PA Fabric Outlet.

This isn’t everything. But it’s a lot. And it’s all I have to work with for at least a few months. So help me out, and tell me what to do. Come on. You know you want to.


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