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Pajama Party, Baby!

So, Karen, who I would seriously like to be my new best friend (Seriously, Karen, please be my friend, we like the same books, we drink the same drinks, I think you’re really amazing, call me. Text me. Send up a smoke signal. I’ll be waiting. Also, sidebar, can we talk about how many people on the internet I want to be my new friends? All of you who read this, that’s just number one. It’s kind of embarrassing. It’s awkward. Don’t worry about it. Ignore all this. Moving on.) has organized a pajama making party! (Yeah. Bet you lost the thread of THAT sentence. Try to keep up, okay?) And while I did not announce it here on this blog, I did in fact sign up to participate. And I made some pajamas.

I love pajamas. But I’m single (in case you couldn’t tell by all the singleness happening up in here), and it is hard to get photos taken of ANYTHING, let alone my pajamas. So you must forgive the mirror shots. If you have any objections, feel free to send me the number of a smart handsome funny gentleman with excellent photography skills. Yeah. I’ll just wait for those to pour in. In the meantime, check out my PAJAMAS!

Yeah, I went a little overboard and made a set. The pants are Simplicity 4971:

That one chick has a BOW on top of her head. View 3. Check it out. Yeah. Drink that in.

Still, the pants are great! They are rather huge, but that’s how I likes my pajama bottoms.

And the top is a Sorbetto. What WOULD we do without that pattern? I made an inverted pleat this time. Mixing it up.

The material is a sheet I got for 2 dollars from Circle Thrift. I still have another full flat sheet. Score. I’m thinking a dress. Thoughts?

I added a bow on the front, which I think is useful because it’s the ONLY way I can tell front from back on these things. I made a pair for my mother as well, same pattern, different fabric, bow included.

Oh! And I used a decorative stitch on the hem! I’ve got all these fancy stitches on my machine and I NEVER use them, but I realized that pajama pants are the perfect opportunity to use decorative stitches! How fun is that?

Yeah. He’s great, this guy, but his photos are just the worst. It’s the lack of artistic vision. Or opposible thumbs. Who can say, really.

Cadfael says “My pajamas are just like my regular clothing are just like my naked self”. That’s just one of the many reasons this guy is an adorable fluffy jerk.



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