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OWOP 6: The Rebel

Today I went to work, like I do, and then I biked over to West Philadelphia (I am not fond of West Philadelphia, and the blame for that rests solely on the shoulders of the University of Pennsylvania, or more precisely, its students. They are the worst. Yeah, Wharton kids, I’m talking to you.) Dodging girls in yoga pants that cost about as much as my rent (though in my defense, I went to a school where most of the populations COULD have worn those pants, but didn’t, because there is no point in trying in New Haven, CT, there is just no point), I met my friend Diana for dinner and a drink before a screening of Cecilia, a Cuban film playing for free (Free!) at the International House. The film is based on the novel Cecilia Valdes and it’s a fascinating if somewhat confusing movie whose “free adaptation” from the novel blend attitudes about race, politics, Cuba’s place in the Caribbean and a socialist examination of history. Well, I say socialist, but what I mean is a sort of Castroist sort of a thing. (Sidenote, we gots to find ways to talk about Cuban politics. Russia gets Soviets or Stalinist etc, and China gets Maoist, but we are really failing on the Cuba front. Can someone get on this? Thanks). Anyway, it’s a very interesting film, so if you come across it and have a couple of hours to burn, I would recommend it. And here is what I wore:

The sweater? Vintage. The Pants? Wrinkled. But divine.

I realize from these posts that my life this week seems a lot more exciting then it really is. I blame the Clovers.

One more day, people. What will the last day of OWOP bring? It’s anyone’s guess, really….


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