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Me Made May Day 27 (Meeting Milkshake!)

On Sunday I went to Greensgrow, a farm/nursery in Fishtown where my parents and I typically buy all of our plants. Did I ever mention I enjoy gardening? I do, very much so, it’s one of things that saddens me about moving to New York. I guess I could join some hipster community garden in Brooklyn but then I’d have to make small talk about vegan desserts and small batch beers, and I’m not a vegan nor do I drink beer, so, yeah….I’ll probably do it anyway, but whatever, for now, I love me some Greensgrow. Greensgrow is amazing. They are helpful and informative and give you so much more than “here are the tomatoes”. It’s more like, “here are the heirloom varieties that grow best in your soil and here are several options so you can have tomatoes all summer long because they have different maturation periods la la la gardening la”. I love it there.

And recently we found out they have a PIG! And chickens! To be honest I think chickens are mean, but I love pigs. I don’t eat pigs much if at all because, yeah, pedestrian of the red sea, so I don’t feel like a hypocrite cooing over their big piggy heads. This particular pig’s name is Milkshake. How cute is that?

But is it as cute as this day’s outfit? You  be the judge.

This is my Mirror Image blouse with the How Many Of These Are You Going To Make shorts. And a vintage scarf, from my Mamala. Thanks, Mamala!

How cute is my mamala? Yes, she is very cute. Also, the best.

I don’t normally include tons of non-sewing photos but I really love Greensgrow, so….

I DO grow my own food! How fun is that?

Anyway, sorry if you’re not into gardening, but I clearly am. Happy Me Made May! And if you are in the area, check out Greensgrow! It’s amazing!


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