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Poor Trudy Pajamas

I love Mad Men. I love it so much, I think about it all the time. If I could, I would write it letters during wartime, I would cook it dinner every night and bring it a perfectly mixed martini with a smile. I especially love all the women on the show, even horrible horrible foolish Betty Francis (nee Draper nee Hofstadt, girlfriend likes to switch it up!). But the one I feel the worst for is Trudy. Because Trudy is awesome, and she is played by the fantastic Allison Brie, who is also terrific on Community. And whenever Pete Campbell does some dreadful bitchy thing all I can think is, oh, please let Trudy be okay. And then I get angry, because, with all the drinking happening on that show, can’t someone just get Trudy a nice strong drink?

So when I made myself a pair of Colette Patterns awesome (free pattern!) bloomers, I decided that in homage to Trudy Campbell I would make myself a top to match. In seasons three and four she was wearing some delightful (and crazy) sleep ensembles like this or this. And remember Sal’s wife (man, I hope Sal is okay. Has anyone heard from Sal? Wow, I’m way too into this show) when she wore this? Of course, Joan wears this, because she’s awesome and because she can.

Anyway, I decided to use Burda Style’s cute Tara Shirt pattern, a shirt I’ve made twice before and with which I feel reasonably comfortable. Put together with the bloomers, I think I could totally fit right into the competitive world of advertising and adultery, don’t you?

Doesn't this just scream "gender inequality"?

I love this material. Obviously. It’s currently my blog image, for goodness sakes. I saw it at PA Fabric Outlet (of course) and thought it adorable and vintage and rather original. I made the bloomers, and then I ran back for two more yards to make the shirt. The women there think I’m nuts. That’s not entirely inaccurate.

It's just so very degree from Bryn Mawr, isn't it?

I like the fluttery sleeves.

I like the Tara top. I’ve made it three times. It’s a bit beachy, and a touch revealing (even though I always put what is charmingly referred to as a Modesty Panel. So very Emily Post), but it has a swing comfortable feel and it works in all kinds of fabrics. Grosgrain did a great Frock by Friday with it if you are so inclined and perhaps not as, um, let’s say of the Joan variety, as I am.

It’s all well and good to pretend. But all I can say is, good things better happen for Trudy Campbell. She deserves only the best.


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