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I promise I’m not a total slacker

I solemnly swear I do a lot of things with my time. They just aren’t always well photographed. I have a lot of respect/hate for these amazing bloggers whose husbands/boyfriends/life partners shoot amazing photos. I am NOT among them. I have yet to find someone who shoots great photos of me and my creations. Well, that’s not fair. People do shoot great photos of me, but I feel bad asking them. However, if I was having sex with someone, well, I feel like that would be a fair exchange. Maybe I should put out an ad:

SWF, excellent cook, cute as a button, seeks amorous fashion photograph. Must like theater. Nerdy glasses a plus. No serial killers, please.

That’s gonna work, right? Totally.

But I have been doing quite a bit these days, and making all kinds of neat things. I took a knitting class at Loop, which is the co-owner of my beloved Spool, and the most addicting place in the world. The stores are literally next to each other. It’s like putting a crack den next to a heroin shop (…do they have heroin shops?) and then pointing the addicts the way. So now I’ve been getting into knitting, which means more patterns to drool over, more stashing, more things to fill my time….yep. Good times. And I’ve made some gifts! Becca, Jenny, Lisa, look away right now if you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

This, someday, is going to be a neckwarmer. Man, knitting takes FOREVER. If sewing is a puzzle, then knitting is a maze, folks. You heard it here first! But I’ve already made two of them, so I feel like I’m going to make it out alive.

Apologies for the weird shadow. Don't know what that's about.


Yeah. I’m into knitting. I do make time for it, though. Since I moved out of my parents house and into my new apartment, I bring over my knitting whenever I go over to watch a netflix. Knitting is so much more mobile then sewing.

And what else is new? Oh, yeah. This guy.

This is Brother Cadfael. He is my new cat. Yes. Let the lifetime of spinsterhood begin. This is probably how it happened for Miss Marple. But on the flip side, I will get to solve crimes!  He is named after a fictional detective from a series by Ellis Peters. Because that’s how I roll. Also, Derek Jacobi played him in the BBC series. Pretty damn bad-ass.I rescued my Brothe Cadfael from a life on the streets, and he spends most of his time sleeping and staring at me adoringly. But hey, who DOESN’T?

And I’ve been sewing! Because the holidays are almost upon us (which, I mean, what the hell? How does this happen? Wasn’t it JUST July? No? Who is with me? I’m like a tote bag away from throwing up my hands and just buying stuff. But I will stay strong, people. With the help of wine). And I found this free tie pattern online, so, gentlemen in my life, get excited.

I hate cutting things. The things I do for people.

And I made myself some new pajamas. I like them, but I don’t LOVE them. The fit of the pattern is a little weird. I made them from a 1960’s pattern so they are short and the top is super short and they clearly were not designed for ladies with hips. It’s a juniors pattern, so I suppose that’s really my fault. I personally had hips a a junior, but I guess that’s a modern invention.

And tote bags. Lots of tote bags. Yeah.

I also made a dress for my company’s opening last week. It’s awesome. But I didn’t get GREAT photos because we were in a bar afterwards and we were drinking so neither the subject, yours truly, or the photographer (Brenna, who is the best) were really in a position to take the best shots. Well, we took SHOTS, but not photos. Know what I’m sayin’? I don’t know why people think theater is lame. We bring whiskey to practically everything. Fact.So I can’t show you the dress, really, but here is just a little preview!

Yep. That’s about all I’ve been up to. What about you guys?


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