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Me Made June Days 7 through 9!

My apologies for not putting more photos up in one go, but I like to do a post on a new item before I throw it up here for Me-Made June consumption, so coordinating outfit posts and new item posts has been a bit of a struggle. But what do you expect?


June 7th, 2011 I had a series of extremely irritating appointments and then took solace in my yard, picking raspberries. God I hate people.

Shirt: Me made! Or rather,  refashioned from a men’s shirt. I don’t wear this much, actually, because I think it’s rather shapeless, but it works tucked in, I think.

Skirt: H and M

June 8th, 2011 I had another series of appointments and hobbled all around the city showing apartments. It was insanely warm and humid and all I wanted to do was jump in a pool. Stupid walking boot….

Shirt: Me made! My new white blouse! I actually made this the first week I broke my foot. I had already cut the pieces pre-break, so I just had to hop around putting it together. Not bad for a broken shell of a person, right?

Skirt: Old Navy circa 6 years ago.

Bag: Me Made!

June 9th, 2011 I worked and met my friend Victoria and her boyfriend for coffee. We went to the uber hipster Red Hook Cafe on Fabric Row where you can buy all vegan desserts and can only pay in cash and can observe all lengths of dreadlock. But they do make a great cup of coffee….

Victoria snapped these outside the cafe. Pretty flowers!

Shirt: Me Made! My Fecund but Thrifty blouse. I do like this, but it’s short, and I was tugging it down to meet the waistband of my pants all day. I’m not a member of the cast of Hellcats, so I think this one needs to be paired with high waists, stat.

Shorts: Gap.

Bag: Me made!

Now, on the 10th I snapped another new creation, so tomorrow I will post about that! Happy Me Made June!

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The Define Basic Blouse

Friends, I have an issue I simply must discuss. You see, I realized recently that I have an anti-basics problem. And how did I come to this conclusion? This being me-made June and all I thought I would look through my small pile of self-stitched goods to put together some outfits that I would be able to just toss on, unthinking, and still stay within the me-made guidelines. But when I examined all my many (few) garments that have passed through my sewing machine, I came to a dreadful realization. I haven’t seen anything plain.

And I don’t mean plain like amish here, people, I mean plain like basic, solid color, versatile, etc. You see, I am so attracted to bring colors and prints (sort of like a magpie, that way, really) that I just hop on the crazy print train and ride it to unwearable station. I don’t mean to, honestly, but in my defense, prints are FUN. And I guess it’s better to sew something bright and wild that excites you then something plain and sad that doesn’t, right? But maybe you don’t always have to make that choice. So as part of me-made June I’m challenging myself to make some more basic items that go with more of my wardrobe, both self made and purchased, but that are also things I actually want to make and get excited about. It’s….a tall order, folks. But I am nothing if not determined!

So, without further ado, my first installment in my not so basic basics self challenge, The Define Basic Blouse!

I look a little angry. But it was quite warm the day my glorious friend Kate generously snapped these photos on the way to after work cocktails, so maybe that’s it?

Excuses excuses. But I love my new blouse! And Kate even liked it, and she is hard to please. It’s based on BurdaStyle’s FREE PATTERN the JJ Blouse, which I adore, and I have made three other copies of this thing in various incarnations. You may recall my Fecund but Thrifty blouse, another take on this so popular pattern. I like the fit a lot, it’s loose but form-skimming and it fits nicely with my many high waisted skirts. I only added one row of ruffles this time because A. My mother said I have too many ruffles and B. Ruffles sort of draw attention to what is not a particularly flat chest and C. It’s supposed to be basic, people, it’s right there in the name!

But I like ruffles! No, too many ruffles in my life. It’s true. These are probably my best ever buttonholes (I really need a buttonhole foot. And a new machine. And a PONY), and this was my first time ever doing fabric covered buttons. I love them. New addiction.

Here is a little back view for you. The fabric comes from the huge attic find my grandfather unloaded on me, but that’s a good thing, because there was a lot of white shirting in the pile, perfect for basic blouses to pair with loud skirts. Can a skirt be loud? I think so, yes.

This guy had NO idea I would make him wildly famous with my sewing blog. It reminds me of college when large groups of Japanese tourists would wander our campus and take our photos in front of buildings. My friend Becca lived in Branford, the showcase college, and practically every morning she would confront huge tour groups photographing every inch of ivy adorning the walls. How is that for a wake up call?

And the prospect of drinks with Kate revives me. Onward, to the bar!

So what do you think? Do you sew basics or leave that to the good people of H and M?


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Fecund but thrifty blouse

As part of my long, dark, painful fabric buying hiatus (just gotta hack it. Just. Gotta. Hack. It.) I’ve been doing a bit of what the kids call stash busting these days. Part of why I’m doing this is because if I didn’t, my mother would yell at me. And I hate when she yells at me. So the stash, she must be busted, or at least beaten and lightly bruised. Now, I am giving a touch of fabric away in my GIVEAWAY (enter here!). But there some things I’ve been hoarding that I love to much to surrender to strangers (albeit very nice strangers! thanks for commenting, guys!). But sometimes I look at this pile of fabric I’ve amassed (which isn’t even that much, MOM, I promise, all the other kids have way more! All the other kids are doing it!) and I think, hmmm, what on earth shall I do with you?

In my mind there are two types of fabric buying. You buy with a project in mind, or you buy because you see it and you think, if you build it, he will come. And people seem to be pretty divided on this issue, as in, what comes first, the pattern or the fabric? And my answer to that is…yes.  And this project was more the latter then the former. You see, my beloved PA Fabric outlet sometimes has a one dollar fabric basket, and the last time I let myself buy something a green floral and a silky pink caught my eye. The pink I’m keeping in reserve, I think it would be great for a slip or another set of satiny 20’s style pajamas. But the green I thought would make a nice top, and I own very little that is green. Plus, I promised to abuse my fabric collection, and this seemed like a fairly painless way to do so.  And I loved the floral print, so vaguely Liberty of London (which…I may never be able to afford), so fertile, so floral, so fecund. So I made myself this:

I used the JJ pattern, which is a FREE PATTERN from Burda Style. This pattern was actually the second full garment I had ever made. It’s a really great and easy to use pattern, though the first time I made it I did not find it easy at all, obviously. It also includes 3 ruffles per front side, but I had to omit them both because of a lack of fabric and because I thought it might all be too busy.


I look so angry! In my defense, it was cold.

As a result of the fabric shortage (I feel like it’s the 1st world war!) I also had to shorten the shirt, which doesn’t exactly thrill me, but luckily I wear a lot of high waisted skirts, so hopefully this wont be a problem! I think it looks okay here, right?

Wow, my hair is super fluffy.

This blouse has lovely gathered sleeves:

And a cute stand-up collar:

The lip color? Korres Wild Rose Lip Balm. I just adore it. And here I’m laughing because my mother just told me to shut the hell up. Which….fair.

The skirt is H and M, by the way. My friend Becca has the exact same one. Luckily we live in different cities, or every day would start with a consulting phone call to make sure we weren’t dressing like twins. The buttons are also PA Fabric outlet. I was going to do snaps, because I’m afraid of buttons and my machine has neither a button hole foot nor a button hole setting, but I girded my loins, as one does, and just tried it out.

They aren’t the best thing in the world, so you don’t get to see a photo, but I feel that they will get the job done. The shoes were my grandmothers:


Glamor Shot!

So there you go. Free pattern, 1 dollar fabric, 6 buttons for 1.25. Take that, stash.


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