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Holiday Giveaway! (See how non-Christian centric I am?)

Ah, it’s that special time of year once again, when red and white and green plaster the world in a dizzying haze of glitter, when music fills the air with tales of reindeer and wasseling and female submission to a male paradigm, (seriously, watch that, it’s amazing) and I want to put my head through a wall. Okay, maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but I do not particularly enjoy this time of year. I totally respect and appreciate that for many people this is a fabulous season of joy and love and superplum scented dreams, but for me, it’s a headache. Because when you don’t actually celebrate Christmas then watching other people do so is like going to a country where you don’t speak the language. It’s interesting, sure, but pretty soon you are just exhausted and a little hurt to be left out of the fun.

And don’t even get me started on Chanukkah. Hey, I love Chanukkah as much as the next Yid, but the truth is it’s just not as important to us as Christmas is to Christians. Yom Kippur is important. Passover is important. Hell, Purim is important. Chanukkah is just puffed up to be competitive.

Still, for all my cynical grumblings and growls when I hear Christmas carols (one more drummer boy and I will literally smack someone in the face, I am not in the habit of making idle threats, Universe, you hear me?) I must hearken back to my school days of yore and remind myself what Vincent Scully said about the holiday season. We celebrate in December, the darkest time of the year, as we are about to embark on several harsh and lonely winter months, because as dark as things are now, we should remember that light will someday return.

So with that in mind, I’m hosting a little holiday giveaway. Because while we run around buying and making gifts for other people, it’s nice to get some stuff for ourselves, too. Right? Right.

So I am giving away to one lucky reader a little package of gifts, including this Vintage Simplicity pattern:


It’s a shift in a between size (11) and it’s cute! It has a long and short sleeve variation so you could rock it in wool for the winter and then poplin in the summer. Or whatever. I don’t know your life.

And a bunch of these lace pieces, cuffs, collars and bits, which I got in a large grab bag:

How large, you ask? About Cadfael sized, as it turns out:

But look at how pretty they are!

You could use these to embellish a cute knit top, or a sweater, or some frilly lingerie, doll clothing, the possibilities are endless!

That is totally my hair. Sigh. Struggle.

I am giving away 25 piece of lace, PLUS the pattern. And if you are really nice to me, I might even make a tote bag too. I give and I give.

So to enter, just leave me a comment by December 23rd, letting me know what you would do with these bits and bobs of lace, and/or what you would do with this pattern, and you will be in the running to win! Happy holidays, everyone.


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Be Mine: Not So Plain Jane Pajamas

I have never had a date on Valentine’s Day. I’ve had dates and hook ups and hang outs and whatever completely ambiguous word the kids are using these days (can we just say date, please, so I know that’s what’s actually happening? Because otherwise I’m completely in the dark), before Valentine’s Day, and after Valentines’s Day, but never right there on Valentine’s Day. Now,  I know it’s a terrifically lame holiday made up by card companies and chocolate manufacturers and we should show people we love them all the time and blah blah blah logic. I can rationalize it all I want. I can rationalize anything, it’s an essential part of human existence and survival. But rationality always gets a rough backhanded slap to the face around February 14th when every single person in the universe appears to be coupled up and you are sitting all alone telling yourself that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat your body weight in fries and/or drink your body weight in the fermented beverage of your choice.

But I’m trying not to be bitter about this, and instead take joy in all the love around me. Or some crap like that.  I guess this is my “I choose me” moment. And in the spirit of that, I made this lingerie/pajama set, in, drumroll please, SATIN! Oh, how luxurious indeed!

So shiny!


I had all this black lace leftover from an embellished sweater project, and I knew I had to do something interesting with it, because I love the lace, I just hadn’t loved it all over a sweater.


I think it's a little Boardwalk Empire, no?


I used Burda Style’s Jane Pattern . I got two yards of deep rich wine colored satin from Jomar Fabrics (huge sketchy warehouse full of appliances and imitation designer clothing and tons of fabric, worth it if you have time to unearth treasures, it’s like the Forever 21 of fabric stores but far dirtier) at 2 dollars a yard (score! I love Philadelphia).


I added three inches to the short legs on the pattern. I'm comfortable with that decision.


I love this. I feel so pretty and comfortable in it, and I think it turned out fairly well. Of course, it’s completely inappropriate for February on the East Coast, but beauty is pain, right?

Mr. Malevolent loves it. There, I got a date. Isn't he handsome?


I still have some lace left. Crap. Any ideas?


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