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The I Guess It’s Okay Skirt

First of all, thank you all so much, SO much for your amazing and thoughtful comments on my last post. I haven’t been able to respond to them yet the way I would like to, but your thoughtful responses just thrilled and amazed me (though I really should stop being amazed at how awesome this sewing community is). If you haven’t read the book discussed, give it a gander if you get a chance, it’s really worth readying. I think this is such an interesting subject and clearly is something that we all think about or consider when we sew, both the gender roles involved and it’s impact on our lives and then the world in general. And just to clarify, when I talk about smugness, I really mean myself, I’m SUPER smug about sewing, I’m really just the worst, on the outside I’m like, ohhh, no, it’s really NO big deal, but on the inside I’m like, yes, I’m just generally better then you, ain’t no thang. It’s okay to be impressed about what a huge flipping deal I am. No biggie.

In other news, meh. Meh on me. I have NOT been a diligent blogger of late. Or a responsive person. Or a good emailer. The only thing I’ve kept up is consistent feeding of the cat and if I don’t do that he screams at me.


So deceptively calm.

But school is wonderful but busy and guess what? Guess what? Guess what? I got a job working in the Tisch undergraduate costume shop! Waaaaaaaaaaa? Yeah. AWESOME.

Actually, in all seriousness, I couldn’t be more thrilled. The people who work there are lovely, the woman who designed the show we are working on right now is a lovely young designer still in college but she’s so talented and smart that I want to just learn from her now, and she’s just one person there! The supervisors are lovely, the shop is fascinating, and I’m pleased as punch to have been able to hustle work-study into sewing time. Seriously, I sew and they pay me (in theory, I just started on Friday so I have no proof of that yet). It’s splendid.

Technically I’m overhire, so I just work around the student productions, but there is something really fun about rushed crazied costume building. (Especially when it’s a part time gig, let’s be real.) But I got to use a serger! On my first day! Living the dream, people, living the dream.

So now that we are all caught up, this thing is a thing I made. Meh to this thing too:

I made this three weeks ago, forced my roommate to take photos of it last week, and am just posting it today. STRUGGLE. I’ve worn it a number of times, and it’s cute enough, I suppose, but it’s not the skirt I set out to make. Can you believe the impulse behind this was to be more pencil than pouf? No? At this point neither can I…

I used BurdaStyle’s Marie pattern, a pattern I have used TWICE before, and yet for whatever reason this time I must have cut it wrong? Or something? I don’t know, it doesn’t taper at the hem which it is supposed to do. I converted the back pleats into darts, but that really oughtn’t to make a difference…..I don’t even know, guys. I don’t even know.

It’s also a bit big. Sigh. And wrinkled. Ah, well, that’s reality for you!

Still, it’s cute enough, and insanely practical (a solid colored neutral modest-but-cute skirt? Yeah, where CAN’T I wear this thing? Other then the Met ball or a nightclub, it’s pretty much a go-everywhere thing). And it’s stash busting, which is, by the way, my biggest fall goal, because I just really need to rid myself of fabric. It’s…taking over my life.

So all in all it’s fine, but honestly, it’s really just okay. Still, I’ll wear it, I’ll use it, but I wish I knew what had gone wrong!

In the meantime, I made another skirt (more on that to come), cut out a blouse and a pair of black denim Clovers, and looked at the men’s shirt pattern for a long time with no motivation. Why is it so hard to sew for other people? Sigh.

Fall Sewing! It continues! Has anything crazy (like a new graduate program and a new city) taken over your life lately? How did you deal?


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The South Philadelphia Sweetheart Skirt

Yesterday we had a reading at the theater company for which I work. It went well, if you were wondering, but it was not, actually, the most interesting thing that happened at work. The most interesting thing was this:

which we found graffitied on our wall. Way to stay classy, South Philadelphia.

You see, I work in South Philadelphia, bastion of stupid things. Now, let it be said that I do like this neighborhood. Great restaurants, lovely people, a veritable plethora of funeral homes (I do wonder why they call them homes, don’t you?). It’s a paradise of greasy hipsters, performing artists (there is a bit of crossover here, let’s be honest), excellent brunch places, ironic bikes, dogs,  large Italian families, cheap rents, large Mexican families, gardens, murals, and mummers. It’s a good time. But every once in a while something happens that makes me roll my eyes and sigh.

Of course this isn’t limited to this area, my own neighborhood, Northern Liberties, recently has faced a spate of murders which is…..fun. But I have a loyalty to the North which the South may never get from me. So it wasn’t that surprising to see that we had been graffitied over the weekend by someone whose name is presumably Kris. I suppose he wants to take over our organization. I see this as an act of war, really, it’s like his invasion of Poland. I called the anti-graffiti network, and they actually took care of it this very day, but it was still up yesterday when I had our lovely box office manager, Joe, take my photo in my new skirt. And so I figured, why not use the natural environment around me, right?

The pattern, Burda Style’s FREE PATTERN, the Marie skirt,  is one I’ve used before with my My Lips Your Lips Tulips Skirt. I like the pattern a lot, and I had some wool blend fabric left over from my Rear View Pants so I figured, why not?

This is a good pattern for leftovers, you can squeeze it out of small amounts of material, espeically if you don’t cut the pieces on the fold and just live with the seam lines. I cut the front on the fold and cut the back on the selvedge line, which is fun because then I didn’t have to finish that seam. (Internal high five). It’s also really fast, this pattern. It took me, like, 2 hours, which for me is a record low.

So sad. Kris is the worst.

This wool is more drapey then the poplin, so the pleats are softer. I don’t hate it, it’s just a different effect. But I’m glad there is some stretch in this wool, because otherwise the narrow hem-line can be a bit restrictive.

But it’s a great “young professional working in the non-profit sector in the arts” skirt. It’s a tall order, I know, but I think it pulls it off.

The one issue I have with this style is that it has a lot of excess fabric in the back, because of the pleats. I don’t really need a lot of help in the “junk in the trunk” department, so if I make this pattern again I will eliminate that.

Yep. Picturesque South Philly. It’s an upper.

But at least I look cute!

And I even did something with my hair:

Which is good, for that Nordic Princess look.

The graffiti may be gone, but it lives on, here, and in the hearts and minds of all who believe. Thanks, Kris.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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The My Lips Your Lips Tulips Skirt

And the quest for cute basics continues! This is a funny story, this skirt. I downloaded the Burda Style Marie FREE PATTERN months and months ago, planing to make it in a brocade, or something, something flashy and interesting and different. Yeah. That worked out well for me. NOT. (Remember when people used to say NOT? I miss the 90’s. NOT.) But sometimes the best laid plans and all that. You would think it would discourage me from planning, but no, I’m a glutton for punishment, so the planning, it will continue, with the help of spreadsheet and really long meetings.

How do the really long meetings fit in here? Well, when I have really long meetings, or am seeing a show I don’t love (which….happens, even though in an ideal world it never ever would), I plan sewing projects. I make lists of projects with fabric choices and notions next to them, in the order in which I plan to do them. And when I deviate from that order (and, believe me, I will. I always do) I still get a great deal of satisfaction from checking each item off the list. Am I a crazy person? Mayhap. But I’m also in possession of a cute new black poplin skirt. And I actually just realized I don’t own any other summer weight black skirts. And I LOVE black! So screw brocade, this was clearly the right choice. What do you think?

Oh, I like this pattern, I do! Only, well, the bottom of the skirt is a little restrictive to movement. It’s like a little cloth chastity belt/corset, I can’t really spread my legs that wide or walk that quickly. So no biking for me in this baby. But otherwise, I think the pleats are charming and the shape is cute. It’s like a tulip, don’t you think?

And it makes for an excellent setting for my extremely pink t-shirt, courtesy of J. Crew. Did I pay too much for this t-shirt? You bet I did. But such is the price for bubblegum pink vintage cotton. And what is vintage cotton, you might ask? NO ONE KNOWS. But it’s at least 30 dollars a yard.

Here is a close up of the front:

Which looks exactly like the back:

I think poplin was a good choice. I got it at Joann’s, and I actually rarely frequent Joann’s, but it was on sale. I don’t know why, but I trust Joann’s for bottom weights, and I have yet to find anyone in Philadelphia who can be my skirt/pant hook up on a consistent basis…any ideas?

Initially I thought I would make a black circle skirt with this fabric, with a nice wide sash. But I was looking at this pattern, and I just thought, yes. I need one of those. I need a neat slim black skirt that makes my bottom half look like an Empress of the Night Tulip. But all joking aside, I do like this style, it’s very “Young Professional” (a phrase I avoid at all costs) but it’s also cute and fun and has that high waist I so love.

And it goes perfectly with my new Clarks super supportive cool Art Teacher sandals. I’m owning this foot thing, people. OWNING it.

Glamour Shot!

Cousin it? Just a little bit? It’s very hot this year, really. NOT. Happy Me Made June, everyone!


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