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The Capogiro Top

Good afternoon, gentle readers! And how are you this fine day? The heat wave has FINALLY broken in Philadelphia and today is exactly what the second day of June should be like, breezy, slightly warm, perfectly sunny. It’s ALWAYS sunny in Philadelphia! Man, that show is the best. “Guys, I wrote a musical!” “Who’s the mark?” “There’s no mark, it’s a musical!” “Yeah, but who versus? Who versus?” Genius. And sadly so true. I love my city and will defend it to my dying day, but I have met people who are literally exactly like the entire cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I am including Rickety Cricket and the McPoyles in that list. Many of them are close friends….

But enough of that, onto the outfit! And the outfit includes another brand new just sewn hot off the ironing board item! Just last week I was expressing my love for the new FREE PATTERN released by Colette patterns, The Sorbetto top. So I searched through my stash (this is my stash busting summer, after all!) and came up with a buttery soft ancient sheet from my grandfather’s attic collection that I had dyed pale aqua (idye in turquoise) and some sherberty orange bias tape I snagged from a 2.99 grab bag at my beloved Pennsylvania fabric outlet, and four hours later (they say two, but guys, I’m super slow) my Sorbetto Top was born! And I love it! And my mom loves it! And it’s just a touch too tight in the bust, sigh. But to be fair, my chest is not small, so when I make this again (and mark my words, I WILL be making this again) I will adjust accordingly.

Ah, the sun!

So you might be asking yourself, what the hell is Capogiro? Why, it’s my favorite gelatoria! Right here in downtown Philadelphia! One of their three stores is actually two blocks from my office which is DANGEROUS, guys, seriously. My friend Sarah and I just adore Capogiro, so whenever she comes back into town from Peru or Madagascar or Montana (she likes to travel…) we go over and have a grilled panini and the best damn gelato in town. And it is insane. With flavors like bourbon caramel, pineapple and mint, goat milk and rosemary with honey, it is my favorite addiction, all house made, all the time. Swoon.

What can I say? I love this top! The only change I made to the pattern was to shorten it by 3 inches, because I like my shirts a little longer then the pattern.

I stitched french seams and finished with bias tape, as directed, which makes this garment one of the nicest interiors I’ve yet to construct.

I love me some bias tape

So of course in modeling this shirt I felt the need to actually go to Capogiro itself and pick out some delightful sorbetto to sample in my photos. The nice people of Capogiro politely ignored what a crazy struggle I am and helped me pick out sorbettos that we felt matched my new blouse:

What? You want to try some? Are you crazy?

It’s mine, I tell you! All mine!

I’m just kidding. I shared some with my Mama.


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Struggle Dives In/ Did someone say something about Fabric?

Holy. Hell. I’ve just done something kind of crazy. I’m not in any way a spontaneous person because I think it tends to masticate you in the glutials (every. damn. time.) But a favorite sewer/blogger/designer/superwoman of mine, Zoe, has been hosting these amazing events, month long marathons in which seamstresses and crafters pledge to wear a garment (or more) that they have created each day of a month. She created Self Stitched September and Me Made March and now, in complete disregard for alliteration, she’s added Me Made June, and I, poor sad novice sewer, have actually signed up. I’m going to do it. One month, 30 days, a minimum of one hand made self created piece of clothing per day.
‘I, Leah Franqui, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June ’11. I endeavour to wear one home made garment each day for the duration of June 2011’

Scaryface. Would you like to join in this madness? You can sign up here.

In other news, I was recently having dinner at my grandfather’s house and we were exploring his enormous clutter filled attic (it’s bi-level. I might cry, there is so much stuff up there. Sigh.) We found not one but TWO vintage typewriters, a framed photo of Eleanor Roosevelt (I have no idea why I’m surprised by this) and a large box of fabric!

And three metal zippers! And two vintage patterns IN MY SIZE! And since I’m the only person in my whole family who sews, I took it all home with me. All of it. Would you like to see some of this amazing stuff? but of course!

A gorgeous 1960's upholstery fabric. Maybe I could make a skirt or pants? Or even be daring and make a dress? What do you think, a cute suit?

Next up we have:

Striped Shirting, of which I have over five yards...oh dear.

And this:

This is one of four funky curtains. Maybe a nice dress? What do you think?

Or this:

I adore this butterfly floral business, it must be late 60's/early 70's. It feels like upholstery or bottom weight, but I don't know what do with it.

This might be my favorite:

This is a linen, and I couldn't love it more. I have about 2 and a half yards. What to do,what to do...

I only have a wee little bit of this:

I'm seeing an apron, no?

And finally, (for now, guys, it’s SO MUCH FABRIC!):

One of a few white shirtings, I love the raised pattern! I have over three yards of this, I'm thinking a white JJ wouldn't go amiss and might be really helpful when I need basics come June...

Yay for vintage fabric, yay for Me Made June and Yay for MAY! Join in, guys, it’s going to be awesome!


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