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Quite The Investment Vest

I have this completely strange fear about buying too little fabric. I’m terrified of running out of the fabric I need and not being able to complete aproject. I know this is odd, but it’s real. I wonder if there is some kind of medical term for this…

So I end up overbuying fabric. Or rather, I overestimate how large I am and how much fabric will be needed to cover my body. I also blame this on patterns. For example, I’m working on this dress by Vogue patterns. The fabric recommendation for the variation I’m using was 3 and 5/8 yards. Just to be safe, I bought 4 yards. I have cut out my pieces and I have literally over a yard and a half left. I mean, COME ON, I don’t mind, the fabric is gorgeous, but it wasn’t cheap, and I could have saved myself over ten dollars, which would have been nice. I could have bought a drink! At a lot of bars in Philadelphia I could have bought TWO drinks! What is Vogue, my sponsor?

I can’t really blame anyone for this project I just completed, though, because it’s totally my own fault. I bought some purple and black tweed and purple lining fabric at my beloved if trashy Jomar. It was 100% wool (the tweed) at 3 dollars a yard. The lining is like 99 cents a yard. That place is magical. I wanted to draft my own pattern for a sweetheart waistline skirt. Which I did. Which I love, and wear all the time, mostly to plays, actually, it’s my playgoing skirt. You can see it here.  But of course I had a plethora of purple tweed and lining leftover, and of course it wasn’t enough to make a jacket or something substantial, but wasn’t small enough that I could relegate it to my rag bag or turn it into cat toys. What to do, what to do…

So I made a vest. Of course. To quote one of my favorite shows, The League: “Hey, the vest works. Have you seen Mark Harmon on NCIS lately? It works”. Classic. But despite this, I made a vest, because I really like vests, and because I had a FREE PATTERN! (Burda Style Franzi Vest!) and it seemed easy. It…wasn’t.


It's a little asymmetrical, but I like that sort of thing.

This is the first garment I’ve made that is fully lined. Additionally, my machine is a fairly old and simplistic and can’t do buttonholes. But I can make bound button holes, which are infinitely more difficult. I used no fewer then three tutorials and am not sure that I really did it correctly and ended up being like, screw it, this seems to work, let’s just make it happen. They look great, though! I mean, I’m happy with them. You never forget your first time….


Buttons from PA Fabric Outlet. Of course. Where else?

I found the instructions rather tricky but to be fair, I ALWAYS find instructions tricky. I have to read instructions somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 times before they start to make sense. Does anyone else have this issue? And with the lining it was pretty touch and go, but I’m very proud of this vest. It’s the ultimate hipster garment, A, it’s a vest, B. it’s made of supremely ironic purple tweed, C. I made it myself. If I get some clove cigarettes and stop washing my hair South Philadelphia will worship me as it’s Queen.

Don't worry. I'm not actually going to wear this outfit outside. It's just for picture purposes.


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Illness:1, Craftiness: 0

I’m sick. So sick. My throat hurts and my nose runs and the most distressing thing is my voice, which sounds like a frog or a troubling fairytale gatekeeper of some sort. I’m the reason goats really shouldn’t cross streams. I’m like a Dianne Wynne Jones villain. I’m a struggle.

So you would think that given my infirmity and the fact that I’m playing hooky from work I would have a lot of time to sew. But I don’t. I mean, I’ve got the time, but I have no energy, nor hand eye coordination, and it feels like those symptoms coupled with cough medicine mean I shouldn’t be operating any kind of machinery. And I could force my mother to take more photos of me in garments I have already crafted, but given just how cute I look right now (picture an all fleece wardrobe, fake ugg slippers I bought in China, my hair doing all kinds of things to defy the laws of gravity, and a tea cup nestled into my  hand. It’s hot, right? I know. I know. ) I didn’t think that would be a great idea.

So, instead, I have decided to update you on a few projects that are currently wasting away in my very messy sewing room. Other blogs I’ve read call these sorts of things UFOs, or unfinished objects, which is hopelessly cute, honestly. So here are some things I’m making or thinking about:



The Franzi Vest

I had a bunch of purple tweed left over from my Purple Tweed Sweetheart Skirt, as well as purple lining from the same project. So I’m making a vest. It’s actually the Franzi Vest, which is a FREE PATTERN! at BurdaStyle.com. I’m going to use bound buttonholes, which is fairly scary.



I bought this pattern online and am so excited to make it!

I’ve made the Muslin for it already, (first muslin! Wow.) and it fits me very well. I might bring down the neckline a bit, though, right now it’s very Big Love. Thoughts? Disagreements? Ideas? I think I’m going to make the shorter variation in wool. Color commentary?



Seam Binding Bonanza!

I got this shirt from Gap Outlet for 5 dollars. In this photo, 13 yards of seam binding is currently festooning it in an homage to Jackson Pollock… I’m just kidding. I hate Pollock! But I love seam binding, it’s thinner then ribbon and iridescent, and it’s about 30 cents a yard at PA Fabric outlet. So I’m going to combine these two elements sometime soon, and save myself the 50 dollars I could pay J. Crew for the same item. Ha. I love it when I beat J. Crew.

But I’m not going to do any of these things today. Today, I’m curling up with gallons of tea, oceans of soup, Cold Eeze, Netflix and my cats. I’m sure my sewing machine appreciates the rest.


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