The Back To School Top

Guys, I love going back to school. I really do. School is the best. I really didn’t like that book The Golden Compass because the protagonist went to a weird Pseudo-Oxford and hated going to school and I was like, this girl is an idiot, school is the best. And also, weird spirit animals. And also, thinly veiled critique of the Church. And also, I’m not wild about Pullman’s writing style. BUT, all of that would have been just fine had she LIKED GOING TO SCHOOL. As I do. Because school is amazing! They let you learn stuff there! It’s great! And my joy is only mixed with sadness that I am in the second year of my program so there is no third year so HOW WILL I EVER FEEL THIS HAPPY AGAIN, OH GOD. (Sobs quietly in the corner for an hour.)

Okay, I’m good now, still sad but in a meditative way. And I’m not going to let future pain get in the way of present happiness! YOLO, am I right? Side note, my cousin Elyse and I have started using YOLO in the most inappropriate ways possible, and it’s catching on with my friends. Like, do you think that the housing market in the United States will recover in the projected times? Um, duh, YOLO! It’s pretty fun. Try it today!

So anyway, in celebration of the new school year and this fall weather that is, hypothetically, on its way… (seriously, we were on a nice streak there and then unexpected 85 degree weather today, are you kidding me? Stop messing around and let’s get autumn up in the piece, am I right? Come on, Fall, YOLO!) I made this “transitional piece” shirt. Yay! And I tried a new pattern. Yay! And a new look. Yay! And a new restaurant with my friend Allie (hi, Allie!) who took these photos. It was pretty good! Yays all around. Enough of this nonsense, to the clothing!

BTS 4So this is Megan Nielson’s Briar Sweater/shirt pattern. I actually bought this to make for Allie, because she is tiny and lovely and the kind of person born for a crop top, unlike my own more, er, robust self. I did make the crop for Allie this summer (unblogged, sorry) and plan to make her another with longer sleeves from some lovely jersey from Mood, her choice, Allie has a great eye, but in the meantime I thought, well, there is a longer version, and while this isn’t the first thing I thought I would love, what’s the harm…

BTS 5As it turns out, there is none! I never thought I would like something like this, the hi-low thing and I are not best friends forever, but I’m actually kind of wildly into it. It’s much more flattering than I thought it would be and also, I love this fabric very VERY much. It’s from Girl Charlee. Duh. Where else do I buy knits?

It’s super lightweight and soft, and the color gradient is very cool. I think it’s clearest in the first photo.

BTS 1Plus, it has some nice back-door coverage, for those days you just want to throw a tarp over your junk in the trunk. Which is a lot of days for me, honestly. The fit is nice on this thing, a little roomy but ain’t nothing wrong with that in an airy knit top and also I think it will look nice tucked into skirts. We shall see, I suppose! I’m picturing it with a wool Pencil skirt, if it every gets cold enough…I know, I know, I complain and then in a month I will be the little match girl, craving the summer. Speaking of, this is a great song.

BTS 3I like this shirt. I like the design, it’s quite modern, and I like the cut, despite my doubts. See, I like it so much I had to have a moment with this stairwell about it on St. Marks Street. I was not the weirdest person there. BY A LOT.

BTS 2And there you go! This shirt is really quite simple to put together, it took me from cutting to hemming probably under 2 hours, or an episode and a half of Suits. I love Suits. Harvey Spector needs to call me. Not Gabriel Macht. Not the real person. The fictional character. He doesn’t know it yet, but we are in love.

Spoiler: I did not actually wear this on my first day of school, I wore it this past Monday, when the weather actually WAS a trifle cool and the sky was clear and I thought, here we go, let’s do this thing, Autumn. Maybe if I make another one it will get cool again? It’s got to be worth a shot….

Do you love school? Does autumn make you nostalgic? Or are you like Lara and you would rather be hanging out with street children who end up getting taken away and…I’m really not sure what happens next in the book, I really didn’t like it, guys…don’t hate me, Pullman fans! I like Harry Potter. BECAUSE THEY GO TO SCHOOL. Mind. Blown. YOLO.


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11 responses to “The Back To School Top

  1. I read those books – all of them – and by the end felt irritable about the time lost. They are so unnecessarily long, and I think this might just be Pullman’s style of writing, which I haven’t experienced before or since. It’s just not my cup of tea. Some interesting ideas in there, but also a lot of cliches.

    Anyway, I am about to start a course myself and be a part time student so I am all about school!
    Great top, I’ve not used a Megan Nielsen pattern yet, nor a high-low pattern of any kind, but I’m warming to it.

  2. Siobhan

    Those damn punk kids…I couldn’t even finish one of those atrocious books.

    Loved uni, think high school would have been better if we had pumpkin pasties and magic and Alan Rickman. YOLO?

  3. I go back to school next week. IT CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH! secondary school I hated with a passion though, probably because it was a crap ordinary school and not Hogwarts.

  4. senjiva

    Although the days of school are long over, I get all excited when the temperature starts to dip and the shiny new notebooks come out. (we are having a chill day here, finally!!!!) Back to school has transitioned into “back to tutus” at my one ballet job. It’s kind of the same feeling.

  5. Yours is the first high-lo shirt that I’ve ever liked! Really cute! My husband has started school again so I’m just living vicariously through him now. I dissolved into dramatics yesterday about the heat. Don’t remind me of this when Boston winter comes around.

  6. I’ve been out of school for several years now, but I enjoyed it when I was there! I’ll just have to live vicariously through any future offspring, lol. I did read the first of the Golden Compass books, but didn’t really care for it either, for many of the same reasons you said. But mostly that I couldn’t stand his writing style. I’d take Harry Potter over finishing that series any day!

    I’ve been iffy on the high-low thing, but yours is cute. And you do have a good point about backside coverage. Hmm…I may have to reconsider this pattern.

  7. I love school! Every autumn I miss it pretty terribly. My son is starting preschool in a couple of weeks and he’s crazy excited to go back… He must take after his mom. At first I didn’t like the mullet hem trend but the more I see it the more I like it. Lovely looking shirt, it looks comfortable and flattering. Win!

  8. I’m totally with you — Lyra is stupid because she hates school. I love school so much I never left? And teaching wasn’t enough, I had to sign up for night classes and go back to being a student! So yeah, I totally understand.

    That whole hi-lo thing looked so silly to me at first, but gosh darn it if I haven’t come around to the whole idea!

  9. I love this top! It’s such a nice, relaxed style. I have one of these and it’s just the perfect thing to throw on when I want to be a li’l fancier than a tee. I haven’t read the Golden Compass because the name sounded too dumb when I heard it. I hated school as a kid (we moved a lot, and it’s just not fun to be the new kid when you have huge glasses and wear thrift store clothes), but I always loved books where kids got to go to, like, gothic English boarding schools and REALLY wanted to go to one myself! Harry Potter is pretty much my dream. I loved college and wish I could go to grad school, but since I can’t do grad school or Hogwarts, I’m settling for a night class at FIT.

  10. School is the absolute best. I will be in school forever, so I obviously have some sort of commitment to it.

    I love your high-low top, but I do have mixed feelings about the closure of Supercuts. Why, Saint Mark’s? Why?

  11. Love Potter love Pullman. Golden compass rocked-armoured bears-eff yea. I’d ride one of those to school anyday. Except you don’t actually ride them. Also I’m not at school I’m at Uni. Teaching XD bwahaha Also the top is cool.

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