The Sexy Candy Striper Outfit

I have been the worst flipping blogger in the world. And I’m sorry. Graduate school is crazy, people! Even when it’s Clown College. It’s a lot of work, making stuff up, writing it down, it really is! You can trust me on this one. And I also have to go to plays! And deal with humans! Who want to get dinner! The hell? Don’t they know I hate everyone? Apparently not, I keep getting invited and having some kind of attack in which I say YES instead of NO I HAVE TO STAY HOME AND TALK TO MY CAT. New York is doing bizarre things to me…

Anyway, I have been sewing. And I met Mika! Mika is awesome. I always loved her blog, so I’m really glad I got to meet her in person. She’s just fantastic, and her red clovers were dope. Seriously dope. I use this term because A. Mika is from California and I thought it might appeal to her, should she read this and B. they just ARE.

I’ve actually made a grand total of FOUR things of late, which I hurriedly took photos of this morning, because I’ve been trying for two weeks for some of this stuff, and I just couldn’t wait anymore! In other news, I’ve totally deviated from my Fall Sewing Plan, of course, OF COURSE. I have made the SPIRIT of the plan, but not the LETTER. That’s just who I am.

So, I made a bit of a vintage duo about which I have mixed feelings. Let’s take a look at the patterns from whence this sprang, shall we?

Cute, no? I ignored everyone’s advice about drafting my own pattern, like I do, and just bought something. Specifically, Simplicity 4529. I’m just that way. Actually I kind of love this pattern dearly, and while the end result is a bit loose, I know how I can tweak it to perfect the fit.

The blouse is, well, let’s look to the pattern, shall we?

McCalls 3305.

It LOOKS really awesome, right? Yeah, it does. It did to me. But the end result, well, I just don’t know. And let it be said right now, I’m so insanely influenced by pattern art, as you can see right here:

God, I look so mad! I’m not mad, really!

Or am I? I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about this blouse. For one thing, like the skirt, it’s a bit big. For another, it may well be a bit, um, clowny…

I had this vision that this bow blouse was going to be the bow blouse to end all bow blouses. Because honestly, I really REALLY love bow blouse, but I have yet to make one with which I’m completely satisfied! How sad is that? Life is SO HARD SOMETIMES.

Instead, I don’t know, it looks a little, I don’t know, 80’s? 90’s? So decade no one likes? (Or maybe just I don’t like?) Sigh.

See, a bit baggy, not quite the sleek sophisticated thing I’d been hoping for, ah, well, I still enjoy it! It might be a bit clowny, but I can’t help but like the waist tucks and the bow. Bows, I’m just a sucker for them! Why is that? Can anyone tell me why bows are so delightful?

Oh, yes, I always forget construction notes. Well, most of this is French-seamed, with a bit of pinking. I eliminated the facings in favor of bias tape (I mean, come on, facings? ARE THE WORST.) And what else, I think that’s it!

So stern! Like a weird candy striper at, say, a mental institution. Super cute.

Now to the skirt!

See, I can still smile! I do like this skirt, I do I do I do. I like this pattern, something like 10 darts, one seam, which I finished with bias tape, a kickpleat which I sadly had to eliminate because I shorted this some 5 inches (at the insistence of my roommates who have informed me that I dress rather, um, matronly.) I made this in a stretch cotton, which, well, I’m going to do it again in red wool (speaking of sexy) and I will shorten the pattern and keep the kickpleat AND tighten it a bit at the waist, it’s a touch loose. But this version is perfectly serviceable and so comfortable and practical, it’s the ultimate in cake, to go with this rather frosting top.

And loose or not, it still looks good from the back. Doesn’t it?

Oh, yes, it does.

I noired it up for you. Now imagine a cigarette, a throaty purr, and a dark plot. And….scene.

How is your fall sewing going? Do you think I dress matronly? What does matronly mean to you? All comments are entirely welcome!


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20 responses to “The Sexy Candy Striper Outfit

  1. Deborah

    The skirt is getting there but you are right the blouse is way too big I know you love bows but try something else

  2. I think you are being a bit harsh. You look fantastic. But I might trim the bow down in size a little! And as for the matronly issue… I have always been too scared to take dresses below the knee but in hindsight, a vintage dress with a fine pair of heels and seamed stockings, looks far better and classier a few inches below the knee. We need to brave up I think!

    • Oh, thank you! You know, I think part of it is that I’m short, and longer skirts do make me look shorter, but I kind of like that look? Oh, well, I will work on braving up, new life goal.

  3. The skirt looks fab, but the top is definitely too big. I vote to try it again, maybe is a slightly drapier fabric 🙂

  4. Libby

    Great job on the skirt! Looks like a perfect fit.

  5. I’m going to agree with the other commenters that the skirt is lovely, but the top doesn’t quite work. I think it’s not only the bow’s size, but also that the wrong side is visible and it looks quite different from the rest of the fabric. But I totally see how the envelope drawings are totally bewitching! When I saw the big bow drawing, I was thinking “oh please please please have made the big bow version!”

  6. I love the inspiration, and it makes a gorgeous outfit. Agree that the blouse is a little bit bag and could be in a fabric with more drape though. Another thought, while this may risk adding more bulk, have you considered self-lining the bow? I think one issue is the white side of the fabric showing, and personally that would drive me nuts. Don’t give up though! That blouse is too adorable to ignore!

  7. I think that you have given yourself too hard of a time! My only issue is seeing the back of the bow and its bulk- maybe redo the bow in a complimentary fabric that is sheer or lacy or something? Am I crazy? Get those heels out and strut!

  8. OMG, if someone said the word “matronly” about how I dressed, I would probably sock them right in the kisser! And then go home and cry. That’s an annoying thing to say (right up there with the time a guy told me my taste in music and books was “conventional”). F that!

    But yeah, the skirt is HOT! It will be sassy as all get out in red! As for the top, I think it would be mega cute in a drapier fabric– the red fabric is a little stiff, so the bow is sitting a little funny. I think a sheer version of this blouse would be adorable– maybe cream-colored chiffon or something over a black tank?

    • Oh my god, someone told you your were conventional? That is so lame! I didn’t mind the matronly thing, I am a bit modest for a 25 year old and a bit conservative, too, and it was coming from a place of love!

      Thank you! Good points about the blouse, this is too stiff of a fabric.

  9. The skirt is fabulous. It will look ah-mazing in red.

    I own so many below-the-knee things that the matronly bit is what I hear most often. I also think my perpetual knitted-brow thinking face might have something to do with it. Meh, I like what I wear and can’t be bothered to tweak.

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