Night to Day: Giveaway #6 (And by the way, I need your help)

Rough winds have shaken the darling buds of July and it is rainy, wet and honestly a touch chilly here in Philadelphia, not that I’m complaining, given that I’m on a bike for much of my day, so biking in the cool air is preferable to biking in the heat. I do both, as it turns out, but still, it’s nice when there us a breeze. I’ve been working on several new projects, two for my mamala, whose birthday is this coming Wednesday, one with the small person I’ve been teaching to sew, and one for the dinner I’m throwing tomorrow. That one is all done, expect photos and a dedicated post soon, along with some delectable food shots….

But for now, you will have to content yourselves with another giveaway, and a shameless plea for aid.

First things first, the winner of giveaway #4! And that is….Cindy, of Cation Designs! I think I’ve made my adoration for Cindy abundantly clear, but might I just say right now, thank you all, everyone who has been commenting to win on these giveaways! I really adore reading your comments, and I’m so thrilled that these patterns are going to such amazing people! Keep on commenting, I’ve got lots more goodies in store….

And here they are! Patterns which are far too small for me, but which I can’t help but find unbearably charming…

A closer look? But of course!

This could even be a cute dress, minus all the lace crap…

I actually really want all their shoes…am I alone?

Very Victorian, no? Or even Edwardian, for all those Downton Abby Fantasies…

And now that I’ve dangled patterns in front of your face as a bribe, please help me. If you want to enter this giveaway, or even if you don’t, would you mind terribly weighing in on my current internal sewing debate? I have 1.5 yards of 60″ navy linen, and it is awesome. It looks like this:

In the right hand corner you can JUST see some Cadfael paw. It’s a nice linen, even darker than this photo might suggest.

So I’m not really sure what to do with this length of fabric. Part of me says, make a skirt! You love skirts! And part of me says, make shorts! Make THESE shorts:

I’ve made them before, in fact, and I honestly adore them. But given all the shorts I’ve been making lately, I feel a bit silly making another pair, and a high-waisted style at that…

Or I could make this:

Okay, the cover art isn’t awesome, but I’ve made this before, the skirt and the pants, and the skirt, in a navy wool, is something I wore all winter, check it out.

Or I could do this:

Which of course I’ve made rather recently. And I can’t lie to you, I wear this at least once a week.

Or I could make something that ISN’T one of these options. What would you suggest? What do you like best? Any thoughts? Of course, it could just remain a perch for Mister Fattie:

Somehow, that doesn’t seem like the best use of this fabric…

Okay, tell me what to do! Or just tell me what YOU would do….


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19 responses to “Night to Day: Giveaway #6 (And by the way, I need your help)

  1. I’d make the Simplicity Retro skirt you’ve made before. Skirts are more versatile than shorts

  2. i do love the skirt (simplicity 5196) and I think it suits you really well. I don’t know though whether navy linen would be great for it. However linen does lighten after a while in the wash and the washed linen look is great … hmmm you can see I am not the greatest for giving suggestions here.

    Maybe a summery cape … no I am really just joking 🙂

    If you feel like it would be better for shorts, then perhaps it would be best to trust your gut instinct

  3. dressesandme

    My favourite is the last skirt pattern

  4. Linen is lovely, no one is denying it, but it wrinkles sooo annoyingly. So I’d say use it to make shorts or a jacket but not a skirt or dress where you’ll end up with wrinkles all around the booty and knees. Shorts will be fitted and won’t have so much excess fabric to get all scrunched up!
    But that’s just my opinion.

  5. Marchelle

    Linen pants are a god send in hot weather when you need to wear pants. could be the perfect summer project!

  6. Was just thinking today, that linen shorts should be a feature in my wardrobe at some point. So linen shorts is all I can selfishly think about today! And they would be fab in that colour!

  7. That pretty linen would be perfect for the summer shorts! 🙂

  8. maybe you need to make the tailored jacket from that american sewing guild pattern…


  9. Hmmm – I’m just as torn as you are! I think all your options are good… Maybe the skirt with some fun trim? Something make you jump around like a delightful fool in your garden. Just plain navy might be a bit staid, you know? (Love your pics, btw – They always make me grin!)

  10. I like the pleated shorts in that first pattern, it’s sort of like the best of both worlds! I don’t know how it would work with linen though–that’s not a fabric I’ve ever used before (though I’d really like to very soon!) I have a tip somewhere on my blog that tells how to make the creases permanent, so at least you could make the pleats easy to find for ironing…..assuming you should ever need that, of course.

  11. And here’s the link, assuming it let’s you have it instead of marking it as spam:

  12. Alice

    I adore linen! I would go for the Simplicity skirt, because skirts are awesome and if you wear it once a week that is a clear sign you need another one.

  13. I vote for either the Simplicity 3688 skirt. Though the shorts are lovely as well.

  14. sorry, I meant to say either the skirt or the shorts and then I completely changed the phrasing. 🙂

  15. My thought is simplicity 5196 – largely because shorts would get really wrinkly. Definitely worth making a repeat of a favourite useful skirt. The linen will soften and drape with washing. why are cats soooo attracted to fabric left on a table? I piled up some pattern pieces and some cotton fabric and turned my back for a moment. Instant cat!

  16. im not a skirt girl, but that far right view of the last skirt pattern is SOOOOOO CUUUUTE!!! i have to laugh also, i have some red cotton/silk blend that feels like a linen and i’m back and forth between a pair of shorts or a skirt too 🙂 and DAMN i feel you on the biking in hot weather comments. it’s been killer this summer and i bike to work every day. time to move to Iceland or something!

  17. Kat H

    I’m going to go completely against the grain and say – make a jacket! 🙂

  18. ZOMG I can’t believe I won! Believe me, the adoration is mutual…and I have to say I’m quite taken with Cadfael’s paws. I’m glad they make so many appearances. I would say shorts are more useful for all the biking you’re doing, but then I am the original proponent of 25-of-the-same-silhouette, so go ahead and make the skirt again! Or…make a skort!

  19. Njeri

    The first thing I ever made was a night dress, very similar to Simplicity 8198! I would say make a skirt!

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